Zoomies Review

zoomies-review01Mountain climbing and hiking aficionados know that it’s sometimes difficult to enjoy the view, do some bird watching or simply look out into the distance. That’s because such a trip usually  involves a lot of luggage, which, in turn, means that your hands are busy most of the time. That’s why the Zoomies Hands Free Binoculars seem like a great idea, at least in concept. They allegedly allow you to use all the features and functionality of a traditional set of binoculars, but without using your hands. Or, do they? Our Zoomies review looks at whether or not this product really is as easy to use as claimed by the producers, and if it does deliver on the promise of being usable without hands.


The Zoomies Hands Free Binoculars is a novelty, as-seen-on-TV product, which enhances all the basic functions of a typical set of binoculars. The device has a sunshade, which eliminates the glare of the sun, an adjustable hands-free design, and it is foldable for easier storage in a compact shape. According to the infomercial and the product’s manufacturers, it provides magnification of up to 400 per cent. The Zoomies Hands Free Binoculars can be purchased online, via major stores, either new or used.

Reasons to Buy the Zoomies Hands Free Binoculars

–          They are light

Zoomies are made of plastic, which makes them very light to carry around. Bear in mind, however, that many users have complained about the poor quality of the frame and the material it is made out of.

–          They are compact

Zoomies are foldable and can be easily stored in one’s pocket or purse. If, for some reason, you need to carry them around all day, you will find that it’s much easier to do this with Zoomies than with traditional binoculars.zoomies-review02

–          They can adjust for light glare

Since the Zoomies come with a sunshade, they can protect the eyes of the wearer against sun glare – a genuine nuisance when using regular binoculars in an outdoor environment.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

–          They don’t magnify as much as some users would expect them to

According to more than just one Zoomies review online, many buyers report that the Zoomies don’t magnify as much as the infomercial says they do (some reviews list the advertised degree of magnification at 300 per cent, while others list it at 400 per cent). One user specifically says he/she does not recommend the product, as it is completely useless for object located at more than 75 to 100 yards away. What’s more, one user reported that Zoomies only work at maximum setting, when the image is just barely clear; after 30 seconds of wearing the binoculars, the same buyer reported becoming nauseous because of the blurriness.

–          Difficult to wear with prescription glasses

Since Zoomies are worn much in the same way as regular glasses (be they sunglasses or prescription glasses), it can be difficult and cumbersome to wear them on top of another pair. Perhaps users who need prescription glasses would be better off buying regular, non-hands free devices.

–          They are poor quality

zoomies-review03One online Zoomies review just about sums it up: they cannot be used for any distance further away than 5 yards, have a shoddy design, which makes it difficult to wear, and become completely useless for anything else than a gag gift. Most buyers report having been highly disappointed with the device and would not recommend them to others. The focus, which is supposed to be adjusted with a dial, cannot be properly used and will fail to actually focus the poor quality lenses on the Zoomies Hands Free Binoculars.

The Verdict

We have read many a Zoomies review online and the overall conclusion is that the product’s quality is faulty, at best. It is not comfortable at all to wear and use Zoomies, it seems. On Amazon, for instance, only two out of 42 reviews rated it with five stars, while 26 reviews awarded a one-star rating. Moreover, many buyers also cited the expensive returns policy as a top reason against buying Zoomies. Like many other as-seen-on-TV products, returning the device incurs high shipping costs. All in all, since they can prove difficult to wear and don’t deliver on their advertised magnification prowess, opting for a similar, better quality product might be the safe alternative in the long run.

Side Socket Review

side-socket-review01 Tired of seeing a mess of cables and cords around your work space? The clutter than a limited number of sockets can produce is quite a nuisance, which is why the concept of a multi-plug outlet, which also swivels, is highly appealing to a great number of consumers. That’s where the Side Socket steps in and promises to deliver plenty of room, a clutter-free environment, sufficient spaces to plug in and charge your electrically powered appliances and electronic gadgets, as well as a swiveling system, which is flexible and efficient. Our Side Socket review covers all these aspects: space efficiency, surge protection, and consumer satisfaction with the product.


The Side Socket is an as-seen-on-TV product which includes six three-hole socket plugs. The product can be affixed to various surfaces, thanks to its attachment mechanism. It swivels and turns, allowing the user to make it face almost any direction they want to. It does offer surge protection under certain circumstances (see below) and replaces the need for a power strip. It can be bought online, as well as at several offline stores and is comparatively affordable, considering the prices of other similar products in the same category.

Reasons to Buy the Side Socket

–          It saves space

Since it’s a side socket, it can be attached to most furniture, while still keeping said furniture item almost perfectly aligned with the wall. This way, you are both saving space, as well as maintaining a clutter-free environment in your home. Since you can tap it to most surfaces, the Side Socket is invisible. The swiveling side allows for actual space saving, since you don’t have to make the socket face a particular direction.

–          It has surge protection

One Side Socket review online, written by a buyer and user of this product, explains that the item they purchased did come with surge protection. This is an important aspect, since multi-plug devices are more prone to causing domestic fires because of being overloaded and overheated. Surge protection allows you to stay safe and avoid fire hazards inside your home.side-socket-review02

Consumer Issues and Concerns

–          Only one side swivels

We found more than one Side Socket review which complained that only one side of the socket swiveled. This means that if you expect full mobility and flexibility from the product, you would probably be best advised to look for another similar product, which swivels on all sides – side sockets whose three sides swivel can be found for purchase with relative ease nowadays. On the other hand, it should be noted that some users appreciated the fact that the socket is not completely mobile.

–          Other similar products can be found on the market

There’s more than one Side Socket review on Amazon which suggests that users look for similar products by well-known brands. Since we haven’t tested out all the other similar products, it’s difficult to tell how the Side Socket ranks up in terms of quality. However, by opting for a brand-name multi-plug socket, you stand a good chance at coming across a device that works better in terms of the price-quality ratio.

–          Surge protection costs extra

Several Side Socket reviews have noted the item does not provide surge protection, while, confusingly enough, others claim that it does come protected against electric surges. The truth lies somewhere in the middle, as is usually the case, in the sense that some Side Socket kits are protected, while others are not. If you’re adamant about surge protection, know that you will have to pay extra for it, as the basic kit does not include this feature.

–          It’s somewhat bulky

Users that had to employ adapters for three-prong plugs found that the Side Socket tends to get bulky pretty easily. It works better if no adapters are involved, in the sense that it doesn’t take up too much space, but if you’re planning to use adapting devices, you might be better off buying a fully swiveling Side Socket.

–          It can be difficult to return

side-socket-review03More than one Side Socket review notes that the product is difficult and costly to send back, so make absolutely sure you want to make the purchase. Returning items will have to be sent back with shipping costs covered by the buyer, so check to see if yours has surge protection before buying, if this aspect is important to you.

The Verdict

While the product does largely work as advertised, the conclusion of this Side Socket review is that you carefully consider your purchase beforehand. There are a lot of other similar products that might be more affordable, fully swiveling, and fully covered against surges, so weigh your options before shelling out the cash.

Potato Express Review

potato-express-review01Who doesn’t love a good baked potato? We have yet to meet such a person – yet the issue most often cited by people who enjoy this type of meal is that it’s far too complicated to serve. That’s because potatoes will take forever to cook in the oven and if you use the microwave oven, you might just end up with a potato that’s undercooked in the middle and burnt on the outside. What’s the solution? It’s the Potato Express Microwave Oven Bag, according to a popular as-seen-on-TV product infomercial. But does the product really deliver on its claim to yield perfectly baked potatoes with the mere use of a microwave oven? That’s the aim of this Potato Express review: to find out if potatoes cooked in this bag are really that scrumptious.


The Potato Express review we consulted online stated this product only costs $24 for the whole set, which includes two microwave oven bags, two guides for recipes, plus two graters for cheese. You can use the whole pack or gift half of it to a friend or family member. The seller also offers a 30-day money back guarantee, but it’s not for a full refund – only for $10, and you’ll also have to pay for having the pack shipped back to its producers. The way the product works is by inserting a potato inside either one of its sleeves and then putting it into the microwave to cook. According to the infomercial, the potatoes are supposed to come out fully baked, with crisp skins and a fully baked core in no more than 4 minutes. The ad also says that the bags can be used for cooking potatoes in a wide range of other ways.

Reasons to Buy the Potato Express

–          It cooks far quicker

It takes 40 minutes up to a whole hour to bake potatoes in the oven. Several tests ran by the author of a Potato Express review have revealed that the microwave sleeve can actually produce edible, cooked potatoes in a far shorter span of time, ranging from 4 to 10 minutes.

–          It provides variety

Since baking potatoes in a traditional oven usually takes a long time, most people opt to boil, mash, or deep-fry them. The Potato Express allows you to sample baked potatoes as a side-dish, with far less effort than actual baking involved.

–          It’s washable and reusablepotato-express-review02

Since it’s made out of a textile fabric, the Potato Express microwave oven bag can be used several times, after it has been washed and dried. In this sense, it’s an environmentally friendly product.

–          It works with other foods, too

The Potato Express microwave oven bag can also be used for corn or bread. It comes with a recipe book, which is chockfull of microwave oven ‘baking’ ideas and recipes.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

–          It doesn’t exactly help bake the potatoes

According to more than just a single Potato Express review, the product doesn’t really help bake potatoes in the microwave. The sealable bags generate a sauna-like environment, inside which the potato is steamed. As such, the taste and texture of the end-product will resemble that of boiled potatoes far more than that of oven-baked ones. They come out with a crisp skin, but not completely dried out, as when cooking potatoes in the microwave oven without the sleeve. The inside remains fluffy and moist.

–          It has size limitations

The sleeve is not big enough to accommodate 4 large potatoes, according to one Potato Express review. Four smaller ones might fit, but will take a longer time to cook (roughly 10 minutes, according to the same source) than advertised in the infomercial.

–          The purchase process is not very friendly

When buying the Potato Express, you are mandated to purchase a double pack and there is no way to opt out of this. Also, several consumers claimed they were charged more than they expected, as items they hadn’t ordered were added to their bill. Furthermore, returning the products is costly and inefficient.

–          More accessible options might be available to buyerspotato-express-review03

One Potato Express review we found online noted that there is one supermarket product with similar features available in most grocery stores. To boot, you can also buy similar products online, via Amazon, and many of them come with lower price tags.

The Verdict

The number of Potato Express reviews we found online was rather scarce. Given this fact, as well as the costly price of the item, the complicated return process, and the fact that other similar products are available at lower costs, this Potato Express review will conclude that the product is only recommendable for potato fans. They are likely the only ones willing to spend this much money on what is essentially a cloth bag.

EZ Cracker Egg Cracker Separator Review

ez-cracker-egg-cracker-separator-review01The EZ Cracker Egg Cracker Separator is an As Seen on TV product that you can purchase from online specialized stores and also from Amazon, EBay or your local Walmart. It is a kitchen device that prides itself in its capacity of cracking eggs in an instant without any shell spills; separating the yolk from the egg-white without any mess and which can remove the shell from oiled eggs with little effort. This EZ Cracker Egg Cracker Separator review aims to discover if the product is as efficient as it is marketed.


The device offers anybody who wants to cook fast and well the opportunity to save time and avoid little kitchen accidents by helping them manage raw or boiled eggs with little time and effort. It can crack an egg without supplemental spills or shell drops in the food and the supplemental attachment can help separate cleanly the yolk from the rest of the egg. It also can help people to avoid the unpleasant and long task of pealing boiled eggs. The device is build out of plastic and consists in two plastic handles, rings and a claw. It also comes with a bonus attachment which helps the yolk separation be clean and fast.

Reasons to buy the EZ Cracker Egg Cracker Separator

–          Only if you think of yourself as a cooking gadget guruez-cracker-egg-cracker-separator-review02

Users who bought and wrote an EZ Cracker Egg Cracker Separator review seem to have mixed emotions and conclusions after using the device a few times. The function of cracking eggs is reviewed positively most of the times, but with a few amendments on the time saved and on the shell spills: testers and customers tracked the time necessary for the device to crack the eggs and found that the old classic way using your bare hands is much more efficient. Also, after a number of consecutive usages, the device begins to become messy, as it leaves small shreds of egg shell from one egg to the next, making them land eventually in the bowl. The reviewers admitted the device works on a number of limited occasions (large eggs, skilled cooks), but for a regular morning omelet, they recommend cracking the eggs by yourself.

–          Only if you resent getting messy

The separation of the yolk is considered not as efficient as marketed, although many people bought the item especially for avoiding getting messy and sticky on their hands when manipulating a large batch of eggs at a time. The process of getting the yolk separated from the egg white can become similarly messy, especially if you use smaller eggs that slip, or if you use a very large egg and the egg white spills for not having enough room to being deposited safely.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

ez-cracker-egg-cracker-separator-review03The device has been tested not only by customers, but also by professionals concerned with consumer products’ efficiency and cost balance. The main concern everybody mentioned in more than just one EZ Cracker Egg Cracker Separator review is the fact that the product doesn’t efficiently separate the yolk, but can sometimes crack the yolk itself, creating the yolk to spill. Also, small eggs slip out of the device, while if using large eggs, there is a chance that the separation process to be unsuccessful due to the large quantity of liquid that cannot be properly contained. Also, the shell peeling was described by users as being useless, as the device just cracks in half a boiled egg. Another problem mentioned by the users was that the device is not dishwasher safe; therefore cleaning it takes a lot of time, much more than washing your hands after manually cracking an egg. Also there is no guarantee on the shell shreds being kept away from the bowl or the pan, as the device itself may gather small egg parts after consecutive usage that end up in an omelet or a baking dough.

The Verdict

Taking into account all users’ perspectives on the product, the verdict of this EZ Cracker Egg Separator review cannot be positive. Consumers consider it as being an improper device to use as long as it keeps its current features, as it doesn’t save more time than cracking eggs by hand, doesn’t help keeping the shell shreds away from the bowl and it is inconsistent in its efficiency by working properly only a few times, depending on the egg’s size, shell toughness and the user’s skills.

The Amazing Comfort Ahh Bra Review

amazing-comfort-bra-review01The Amazing Comfort Bra – AHH BRA is an As Seen on TV product available on online stores such as Boscov’s or even on Amazon and is often considered the best choice of bra for women who hate (or suffer less) this type of woman apparel. The Ahh Bra is created out of a soft material that lets the skin breathe and doesn’t let anything show under a dress or a blouse, having also the advantage of being comfortable, as it doesn’t inflict unnecessary pressure on the breasts or doesn’t keep the skin tight. It offers support and due to its design, it can be worn even with larger V – neck cleavage. The purpose of this Amazing Comfort Bra review is to take into account all the Ahh Bra’s features and users’ opinions and to find out if it is really as comfortable, easy to use, “invisible” and efficient as it looks like to be.


The Ahh Bra comes in all cup sizes and it is designed to offer the best support possible, competing even with professional sports bras. Its design also makes it wearable under more fancy outfits, such as dresses or V-neck blouses and it leaves no room for interpretation even if women choose to wear thinner (and sometimes transparent) layers of cloth, as it offers the same features of a classic bra. It also gives women a natural comfort as it doesn’t make movement uncomfortable no matter how intense motion is (at the gym, around the house, walking downtown or having to spend numerous hours walking from one place to another at the office) and, most importantly, they don’t leave unpleasant marks, sores or deep imprints on the skin, as some regular bras do. Sweat is also a problem resolved: one major issue with wearing bras in the hot summer is that they really affect and damage the skin due to perspiration. The Ahh Bra, being created out of a material that lets the skin breathe naturally, doesn’t cause prolonged wearing to become uncomfortable or even painful.

Reasons to buy the Ahh Bra

–          It is very comfortableamazing-comfort-bra-review02

Women who bought and wore the Ahh Bra mentioned the comfort it brought to them in more than just one Amazing Comfort Bra review. Users say it is light and easy to wear and by the middle of the day, they actually forgot they are wearing a bra under their clothes.

–          It is very practical

One Amazing Comfort Bra review says the product can successfully replace a classic bra and since it comes in nude and black colors, it can be worn with almost any type of colored blouse or dress. Moreover, the design allows the user to opt for larger cleavages, stay safe from sweating and wear it even in the gym, around the house and in the office. Many users claimed they even replaced their regular gym bras with this one, as it seems to offer much more support and comfort, while letting the skin to breathe.

–          It is more than affordable

In an online Amazing Comfort Bra review users that had ordered this bra also referred to its cost – productiveness balance, as being quite cheap, it offers numerous advantages to women uncomfortable or refusing to wear regular bras. The cheap price is also a buying factor for the ones who just needed a good replacement for a professional gym bra.

Consumer Issues and Concerns


Not everybody was happy with the Ahh Bra and women’s troubles revolve around two major points. The first one regards the front band which is a little bit wider than women expected and thus it tends to roll under the clothes. However, even if many women reported that their bands seem to roll, this isn’t something to bother them, as the aesthetics of a dress or an office shirt isn’t ruined by this aspect. Also, the rolled front band across the chest might inflict some pressure on the tissues and become uncomfortable at prolonged wear, but women didn’t mention this as being a trouble, on the contrary, many of them suggested that by bringing minor adjustments to their everyday look (while wearing the bra) turned out perfectly. The second issue concerns however, the fact that the bra isn’t fit for all women, due to the fact that some of them wear much larger bra cups than the average woman, for which the product was apparently created. The level of support was reported very low for women who wear double or triple C and D.

The Verdict

All in all the Ahh Bra is considered comfortable, easy to use, and adjustable to almost every need, time of day and occasion. Just as a dress model can’t be perfect for all women alive, this bra also comes with some disadvantages for women wearing C and D cups. However, the majority of Amazing Comfort Bra reviews spoke in favor of the bra, considering it not only useful, safe, fashionable and cheap, but also easy to maintain and keep, a worthy asset especially for those suffering the smallest consequences in pain and discomfort produced by the regular bras.

Space Bag Under-Bed Vacuum Tote Review

Space-Bag-Under-Bed-Vacuum-Tote-Review01The Space Bag Under-Bed Vacuum Tote is an As Seen on TV product that you can purchase from online specialized stores such as Target or from Amazon.com. It is a jumbo-sized storage bag with a vacuum that can store a variety of items, from bedding sets, pillows, blankets and even voluminous winter jackets or sweaters. Due to the fact that it presents a vacuum feature, it can be stored in otherwise unusable storage spaces such as the floor under your bed, although it can be safely stored on the top of dressers and in indoor storage rooms or dressings. This Space Bag Under-Bed Vacuum Tote review aims to discover if the product is as efficient as it is marketed.


According to more than just one online Space Bag Under-Bed Vacuum Tote review, this product for the home offers the users a storage space up to four times more efficient than regular storage boxes or bags, due to its vacuum sealing. The material is resistant enough to keep the items inside safe from dust deposits, mildew, moth attacks, moist and odors. It is made out of plastic and nylon compounds which represent an efficient barrier against dust or dirt, while the locking strips make it also easy to transport, to move and to keep. The zipper system makes it easy for the user to insert and take out the stored items in and from the Space Bag Under-Bed Vacuum Tote, while the bag can be cleaned and maintained only by being dust-wiped.

Reasons to buy the Space Bag Under-Bed Vacuum Tote

–          It is very practicalSpace-Bag-Under-Bed-Vacuum-Tote-Review02

Users who bought this product often claimed they will buy even more pieces, as they provide an incredible storage room for large items to be kept safe during seasons. Also its portability makes it ideal for those who intend to move to another place or live in small apartments that leave little storage space around the house. Given the fact that it can fit under a bed, any aesthetic issues regarding storage and organization around the house are resolved, as the bag can be easily hidden either under the bed or in less circulated areas.

–          It keeps the stored items safe

While storing their clothes, winter jackets, bed settings, blankets or pillows, consumers stated that they faced inherent damage suffered by their items due to dust, moths, moist (and subsequently – mildew), even rodents or their own pets. Another Space Bag Under-Bed Vacuum draws the conclusion that the vacuum tote seals the items inside very well, preserving them even for longer periods of time, say the whole summer or winter season, depending on what it is stored there.

–          It is easy reliable and safe

Its practicality doesn’t come from just being able to store a lot of items into one place, but because the space bag is carefully designed and sealed, and, most importantly, because it is strong and reliable enough to be carried around in major movements, as from one state to another and even one country to another, without being damaged by transportation or heavy manipulation.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

Space-Bag-Under-Bed-Vacuum-Tote-Review03There are two major concerns people drew attention upon after using the Space Bag Under-Bed Vacuum Tote and these ones referred to the fact that some of them found miniature holes in the bag which rapidly transformed into tears which, of course, made the bag impossible to use. It happens sometimes that some products come with manufacturing errors, but most of the times, complaints and refunds solve the problem. These were reported only as very low-incident cases. The other issue which is more probable to concern many users is that even if they used the vacuum feature, the bag didn’t get the sharp square box shape they saw in commercials, but a bulky shape that not only looked bad but was hard to fit under the bed. One Space Bag Under-Bed Vacuum Tote review from a long term user admits that not always the bag gets a perfect box shape, but advises the inexperienced ones to try placing the items in the bag in different positions in order to get the best results. It is a matter of training and being careful on how to use the vacuum feature and the zipper sealing.

The Verdict

Taking into account all users’ perspectives on the product, the verdict cannot be but a positive one, as given the price and the high rankings the product have among customers, it has proven its worth. Few customers complained about it being too fragile and thus tearing apart at manipulation, while others appraised its storing qualities at full value. It is a good acquisition for those who live in small spaces and those who want to keep their seasonal clothes or apparel safe from environmental damages.

Heat Surge Review

heat-surge-review03This Heat Surge review aims to explore whether or not the Amish crafted heater is worth the money, given its qualities. It explores several issues taken against the heater’s manufacturers, but also takes a close look at the product’s aspect, its claims at saving the buyers money, and its efficiency in heating up the rooms inside a house. If the thought of buying an electric heater that looks like a fire place appeals to you, read on to find out whether or not this particular device is worth it.


As mentioned by many another Heat Surge review, this product is also known as ‘the Amish Heater’. That’s because the producers were adamant to make it clear that the heaters’ cabinets are all handmade by the Amish community. It’s not a bad selling point, considering it attracted a lot of support from consumer advocates, as well as from buyers who specifically purchased this product, as a show of support for the Amish. Indeed, it seems this claim is true, but there is at least one Heat Surge review out there which claims the cabinet isn’t that well made after all.heat-surge-review01

The heater is small (2 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide) and comes with two power levels (750 watts and 1,500 watts, respectively). The front of the heater displays faux flames, which are lit up by two bulbs. There are also fake logs inside, in order to best emulate a traditional fire place. The cabinet is set up on wheels and the device can be controlled through a remote.

Reasons to Buy the Heat Surge

–          It’s remote controlled

The remote control system will allow you to alter most of the settings of the Heat Surge Roll-n-Glow from a distance. You can change the power, the thermal output, and you can even make the flames less bright.

–          It’s easy to move

Although most reviews of the device are focused on its claim to save money, the one Heat Surge review focusing on the product’s features that we found highly praised the ease with which it can be transported from one place to the next. That’s because the cabinet is set up on wheels, but also because the space heater itself doesn’t take up that much space.

–          It’s life-like

As seen on TV products for the home can be controversial. But the producers of the Heat Surge Roll-n-Glow invested a lot of attention to detail into making the heater look like an actual, real-life fireplace. We think their efforts paid off and that the end result looks as much as a fireplace as it possibly could have. The fake flames look attractive when the heater is turned on and the glow it radiates is a pleasant addition to any room.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

–          It doesn’t come with a thermostat

As one Heat Surge online review has noticed, you can’t adjust the temperature to finer degrees, since the device doesn’t come with a thermostat. This makes it rather awkward to use, as it either tends to overheat or to under-heat the rooms in which it is placed, depending on their size.

–          It doesn’t actually save the buyers money

heat-surge-review02A lot of importance is placed in the Heat Surge infomercials on the fact that the product can save buyers money. However, according to another Heat Surge review, this claim isn’t exactly supported by the facts. Even though the device is made in China and comes in a relatively small size, it’s similarly priced to other products in its category. In other words, buyers might opt for a different electric fireplace which would cost them just about the same, but generate more heat – perhaps even warming up several rooms at a time. To boot, since it can only be purchased directly from its producer, it can end up running high shipping costs.

The Verdict

The conclusion of our Heat Surge review has more to do with the company that manufactures the device than with the heater itself. While the issue of affordability does put an dampen on an otherwise quality product, it’s important to note that the process of returning the device is complicated, time-consuming and costly. There have been hundreds of complaints filed against the producers of the Heat Surge for this reason, so make sure you weigh your options carefully before selecting this particular space heater.

Greenwash Ball Review

greenwash-ball-review01Have you ever gone through the pain of carrying all your due laundry to the laundry room, only to discover that, to your great dismay, you are fresh out of detergent? Not only is this annoying, but it also brings up the issue of cost: detergent isn’t exactly the cheapest thing to buy these days. The Greenwash Ball promises to clean your laundry with absolutely no detergent. According to the producers, the ball contains natural ceramics, which bounce around during the washing process and automatically increase the pH levels in the water, thus cleaning your laundry with absolutely no need for adding detergent. Our Greenwash Ball review looks at the experience of customers that have purchased the device and tested it, in hopes of finding out if it actually works.


The Greenwash Ball is available for sale online and can be purchased on Amazon, for only $6.99. It is marketed as an environmentally-friendly product, since it makes no use of detergents. Detergents contain some chemical ingredients, which are potentially harmful for the environment. The Greenwash Ball, on the other hand, activates a natural principle, which allegedly helps clean clothes. It also has a textured surface, which claims to loosen up the dirt accumulated into the fabric. The producers claim each ball can be used for up to 1,000 laundry loads, but we’ve found no Greenwash Ball review to confirm this figure. Each set contains two balls.

Reasons to Buy the Greenwash Ball

–          It saves moneygreenwash-ball-review02

By not having to buy detergent every other couple of months, many users found they could efficiently save money. The Greenwash Ball will not show any signs of deterioration, even after prolonged usage, according to at least one Greenwash Ball review we found online.

–          Works well with light stains

There is at least one user who claims the ball works very well for removing light stains off of clothes. One more enthusiastic buyer says it even helped remove pet odor from a mat, thereby turning him from a skeptic into a ‘believer’.

–          Can be used to reduce detergent consumption

A Greenwash Ball review that is more on the skeptical side explains that, while they gave up on using the ball by itself, it still helped them use less detergent than before. Other users, which employ the ball alone, add scented pellets in the wash, to make clothes smell fresh.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

–          It’s not scented

One Greenwash Ball review explains that it’s virtually impossible to tell if the device actually works, since the clothes don’t come out smelling ‘clean’ from the washer. In other words, unlike with detergent, which lends a certain perfume to the wash load, the Greenball will not make your clothes smell like anything at all. Some users complain that after using nothing but the ball for a while, their clothes and laundry start ‘stinking’.

–          Users can’t tell if it works or not

greenwash-ball-review03One disappointed user says that all the positive reviews are probably based on first experiences, when there was still some detergent left in the washer from previous loads. Most agree that it’s difficult to tell whether or not the Greenwash Ball actually cleans clothes or not, especially if they are put in the laundry when already relatively clean.

The Verdict

The conclusion of this Greenwash Ball review is that opinions on the product are mixed. It is definitely favored by those who live thriftily and care to save money, as well as by environmentalists, on the lookout for alternatives to making their own cleaning and household supplies. However, its efficiency cannot be really tested or evaluated by average users and would require some more thorough scientific research.