Chef Basket Review

chef-basket-review01The Chef Basket is a self-described ‘cooking dynamo’, which, according to the product’s infomercial, can be used in dozens of different ways for cooking. It allegedly works as a steamer, a colander, and a deep frying basket, to name but a few of its functions. Now, this here Chef Basket review is going to try to see what other reviewers have had to say about the product, and then conclude whether or not the Chef Basket is all it’s cracked up to be, as its producers claim.


The Chef Basket is, in a nutshell, a collapsible, foldable wire mesh basket, which can be used in a wide range of different ways, for cooking purposes. It can be used in a frying pan or a pot, in boiling water or sizzling hot oil. It can be used as a pasta colander, to transfer noodles from the pot into your plate, or it can fry your chicken drumsticks or pounds of potatoes that you want to serve fried at the family dinner. The infomercial, as well as more than one Chef Basket review we found online, only mentioned several functions – the ‘dozens’ did not quite add up. However, it’s safe to say that the Chef Basket is a multi-functional cooking device – a new addition to an already expanding market niche, which focuses on functionality in the kitchen. Once used, the Chef Basket can be folded up, in order to be stored safely.

Reasons to Buy the Chef Basket

–          It doesn’t take up that much space

chef-basket-review02Given its light, wire mesh structure and clever design, the Chef Basket can be easily folded up and stored away. It doesn’t occupy that much space and will certainly not clutter your kitchen. It takes up about as much room as your average trey. Unlike other multi-functional cooking devices, it is not as big as a pot, or a frying pan, which also makes it rather easy to clean and manoeuver.

–          It’s a great steamer

One other Chef Basket review noted that the product is great for usage over a pot of boiling water, for those who prefer their food steamed. You can choose to steam vegetables and rice, if you are so inclined (and tend to favor the Asian cuisines). The Chef Basket can be safely affixed to the edge of the pot and left to steam over the water, with no concerns for the food burning or becoming too mushy.

–          It’s perfect as a colander

After all, one good look at the Chef Basket will tell you that’s just what it is: a mesh colander. As such, if you need a device in which you can easily rinse vegetables, fruit, or even some types of pasta, this one may be the solution you’ve been seeking. It’s easy to handle, thanks to its design, and can help you toss and turn the food under the stream of water, even without you ever getting your hands wet.


Consumer Issues and Concerns

–          It fits poorly in most pots

Although there is more than just one Chef Basket review out there to attest to its usefulness and efficiency in the kitchen, the truth is that the device will not fit in all pots. It is too big for some, and too small for others – a design flaw which undermines its claims at multi-functionality. Ideally, the Chef Basket should be adjustable, as to fit in as many types of pots and pans as possible.

–          It’s shoddily designed

The actual concept of the Chef Basket is not bad at all, but its construction leaves a lot to be desired. Some reviewers and users have found that the device will simply break when attempting to fold it. Others noticed that, after some usage with heavier food items, it will give in under their weight.

–          Its holes are too big

Perhaps the most relevant Chef Basket review online is a YouTube video, during which the tester attempts to cook pasta in the Chef Basket. The result? He stops mid-way, as he realizes that the holes in the mesh wiring are too big for the spaghetti he was trying to cook. His verdict: “If I can only cook rigatoni, this basket’s useless”.

chef-basket-review03The Verdict

The conclusion of this Chef Basket review is that, while the concept of the device is quite clever, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Given the problems in design that the product displays, it can actually only be used with relative success to perform a couple of tasks in the kitchen – which pretty much defeats its very purpose for existence.

GoGo Pillow Review

gogo-pillow-review01The GoGo Pillow is an As Seen On TV product available both at their website, as well as at your nearby stores such as Bed, Bath, & Beyond or Walmart and it represents more than just a pillow, its combined functions including tablet holding (for both using as a standalone or as a small TV hung on the headrest for those in the backseats to enjoy), as travel pillow and backpack. Provided with multiple pockets and designed from a soft material, the GoGo pillow comes as a good solution for those in need of using their tablets at home or while travelling by car, while it can easily turn into a neck and head support for those looking for comfort during long trips. This GoGo Pillow review will focus on the product’s features and consumer’ reports in order to find out if it is as good as it sounds.


The GoGo Pillow comes in six colors and at least three main uses: a tablet stand for home, as you can place the pillow at any angle, thus allowing you to use it or watch a video comfortably in your couch, a travel tablet – stand, as it can be hung on the head rest for the pleasure of those in the back and, if it doesn’t hold any mobile device, it can be turned into a travel pillow very useful when riding by bus, car, train and even airplane. The main purpose of the product is to ensure a comfortable use of an iPad or any type of tablet while in motion, as the sockets allow it to safely hold the device in place without being thrown around the car, while the softness of the pillow itself, the material and the design make the pillow a good traveling companion and support. One of the main features of the GoGo Pillow is that it has easy and fast access to a power cord or a set of headphones when necessary. The most appealing feature of this product for the customers who bought it is the possibility to built in a car TV out of the pillow and a tablet and keep the kids in the back entertained and patient, especially long – hour family trips.

Reasons to Buy the GoGo Pillow

–          It is very practical

gogo-pillow-review02Users who bought and used the product speak about its versatility and usefulness in their GoGo Pillow reviews, as both a home tablet stand – one that is comfortable to hold in your lap, on your knees or on the coffee table in front of you – and a reversible car TV holder, as it can keep a tablet safe enough to be hung on the front headrest to become a miniature cinema for those in the back seats. Others appraised its plush cover material and its flexibility of becoming a head and neck support travel pillow that proved its utility especially in plane trips across country.

–          It is easy to use

Many customers feared that being a multi – tasking product, they will meet difficulties in using correctly all the sockets and pockets and make use of the features, but the GoGo proves itself very intuitive and easy to transform from one thing to another.

–          It has special features that always come in handy

Besides from being a tablet stand, the GoGo is provided with elastic bands capable to hold still and keep safe not only the tablet, but other mobile devices, such as a GPS or a smartphone. Due to the elastic stripes, it can also be used as a backpack, especially for children and since it has quite an unique design, powering up a mobile device or connect headphones to it is very easy.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

Some customers that provided a GoGo Pillow review drew the attention regarding the size of the tablet the GoGo allegedly holds in place even during car travels, as tablets vary in sizes and weight. Users who bought the item didn’t complain about the pillow not being able to hold smaller models of iPads or Android tablets, as the bands are elastic and expandable, however, they met some fixing problems when it came to cell phones and Kindle devices, small enough to not perfectly fit in the sockets – not deep enough to hold a Kindle Fire for instance. Another concern was about the devices heating up while buried in the pillow, especially if plugged. Reviewers admitted that tablets seemed to get hot quite fast, but this wasn’t perceived as a problem, as the devices cool down right after they are removed from the pillow – stand. Nobody claimed damages inflicted to the digital devices due to the pillow stand.

gogo-pillow-review03The Verdict

The general conclusion of this particular GoGo Pillow review is that it is a useful multi-purpose item, particularly usable during car rides and long trips, as it can hold in place safely a tablet, for both the front seat passenger aiding the driver with directions (while checking maps on the tablet comfortably placed in their lap) and the back seat passengers who can watch a video, listen to music or browse the Internet. Reviewers consider it a great purchase choice as it is easy to use and maintain and because it can be used as both a tablet stand and a travel pillow, they consider it as a luggage – friendly product and a worthy companion during long trips.

Depil Silk Hair Remover Review

depil-silk-hair-removal-review01The Depil Silk Hair Remover Review is an As Seen On TV cosmetic product that any woman dreamed about at least once in her life time, if not every time she had to get a classic bikini wax. What gives this product its novelty feature is that it is a spray, not a cream and not a cold-wax band and our Depil Silk Hair Remover Review will try to find out if it really works exactly as it says it does.


The Depil Silk Hair Remover pack, available on Rock Bottom Deals, contains six boxes, each of them consisting in two products: one Depil Silk Spray hair remover (4 OZ) and one Facial Hair Remover (0.3 OZ), while being altogether repack shelf pulls. The goal of the product is to help women get rid of unwanted hair on their legs, armpits, arms and bikini line without having to endure a classic painful waxing session, make use of shaving blades or use depilation cream. Given the fact that it takes only five minutes to remove all extra-hair without having negative effects on the skin (irritation, rash, itches), but on the contrary, leaving the skin soft and silky, the product appealed to many women, especially since it comes together with a facial hair remover that has a cooling effect and a fresh enjoyable scent.

Reasons to buy the Depil Silk Hair Remover Pack

  • It is fast, clean and effective

How many times, as a woman, you found yourself in the situation of having to go out, wear a dress or a sleeveless top and not being depilated properly? Consumers who bought and used the product admitted that they managed to be ready for a party or even an intimate date with their partner without having to concern about depilation, as it took only five minutes to solve the problem. Reviewers also appraised the effectiveness of removing facial hair in an instant without having the usual post-waxing skin marks, but felt also cooled down and refreshed. The procedure implies no touch and no messy leftovers, as women using the product only had to spray the hairy area and then wipe it clean with a tissue or a cloth.

  • It smells great

depil-silk-hair-removal-review02Whoever used some depilation crèmes always complaint of the cream’s smell, highly chemical. The Depil Silk Hair Remover spray leaves behind a refreshing cucumber and melon aroma those reviewers enjoyed very much.

  • It doesn’t affect the skin

Unlike many other depilation products, reviewers admitted that the Depil Silk Hair Remover leaves the skin clean and fresh. Being designed with a vitamin enriched moisturizing lotion, the skin doesn’t suffer from chemical burns.

  • It is efficient also for the bikini area

One concern that strolled women’s minds was that the spray might not be effective for removing the bikini area hair, as it tends to have stronger roots only waxing could get rid of. Some reviewers however stated that the spray does it job well even in those areas, even if it had to pass more than five minutes to reach its full potential. On a brighter side, given the sensitivity of the area, some reviewers were perfectly happy with waiting more than 5 minutes, but obtaining a rash and irritation – free skin afterwards.

  • It is effective for men too

Some men tried the product and were pleased to find out that it works for them as well. It may not compensate for beard shaving, but they felt satisfied with the hair removal from armpits and inguinal areas.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

depil-silk-hair-removal-review03Some of the concerns we saw in another online Depil Silk Hair Removal review included the effectiveness of hair removal where hair has deep and strong roots or it is hard to handle. While some reviewers openly admitted that even waxing have failed in some cases, as it left hair roots still buried in or irritating skin marks, others felt completely satisfied by the product’s features, especially by the time spent to get the results and its highly practical added value: small and portable, it was a good companion on holidays, spontaneous and unprepared trips, last – minute party or event attending. Men, although reluctant about the product’s efficiency, stated that the product worked at least within some boundaries imposed by their genetic make-up. It won’t replace shaving, but the male reviewers admitted the product was a good help in times of need. Some of the reviewers were concerned about the amount of time passing between the depilation and the hair growing back, but a final conclusion couldn’t be reached, as it depends mostly on every person’s metabolism and genetics.

The Verdict

Bottom line for this Depil Silk Hair Remover review is that the product works if you need a fast depilation and a risk – free one, namely post-depilation irritations or rashes. Reviewers consider that without a doubt, the spray removes hair efficiently and is a good choice in cases of emergency, in case somebody missed their regular waxing session and during vacations or trips.

Comfy Gel Cushion Review

comfy-gel-cushion-review01The Comfy Gel Seat Combination Cushion is an As Seen On TV product that may change the life of any person spending most of their time sitting in an office chair for a prolonged period of time or driving for miles on a regular basis. Available on BedBathHome, our Comfy Gel Cushion Review will try to figure out if this revolutionary cushion really has the positive effects upon people’s health and comfort.


The Comfy Gel Seat Combination Cushion is built to alleviate the stress and pain inflicted on someone’s back, spine and muscles while sitting for in the same place for many hours or driving regularly. It features three layers designed to optimally distribute a person’s weight while sitting.

The superior layer is made out of foam, quite rigid in appearance, but comfortable while sitting on it and has the property of absorbing the shock of people’s weight or even the car bumps that are quite unavoidable during long trips. The third – bottom layer is the same foam – type coating which allows absorption of shocks coming from a vertical, down – up trajectory.

The middle layer represents the highlight of the product, as it is a very dense, very thick gel structure that equally distributes weight and shock so that the one who sits down for a longer period of time doesn’t feel the usual back, lower back and hip muscle and bone pressure. The gel layer also allows a person to feel less pain in the coccyx area.

Reasons to buy the Comfy Gel Seat Combination Cushion

  • It can relieve you from back pains

People who used this cushion admitted that after a while, they felt less tortured by the pains insinuating with little chance of going away every day after some hours of sitting down at the office. People working on computers as part of their jobs have little time or opportunities to stretch their legs or their backs during the day and many complain about uncomfortable positions and a lot of distress felt at the lower back level, shoulders, neck and head. Using this cushion and having the possibility to have their weight correctly distributed shows that even those suffering from pre-existent spondylosis feel much better while sitting down for long hours.

  • Absorbs car shocks

comfy-gel-cushion-review02People who are bound to drive daily, either because it is their job nature or just live far from their work place tend to feel more and more stressed about sitting down and being aggressed by all the possible bumps in the road which end up reflecting in coccyx and lowe back pains, superior shoulder muscle pains and even neck and headaches. Those who permanently installed the Comfy Gel Seat Combination Cushion on their drive seat experienced less painful road shocks and ultimately less driving discomfort.

  • It is practical and easy to use

The cushion is provided with a full machine washable cover made of a very soft material that is temperature friendly, as it keeps warm in cold days and cool in hot days. Having an optimal size, it can be used not only in the office or in the car, but taken everywhere, from people’s own living rooms, to the stadium, cinema and even restaurants provided with rigid wooden chairs. People using the cushion found a lot other great uses for it, adorning garden benches with a number of such cushions for a more pleasurable sitting in open air or even leaning their backs against it for a comfortable sit in front of the TV.

Consumer issues and concerns

One customer Comfy Gel Cushion review drew attention upon the fact that after prolonged using, the gel layer in the middle can wear off and get deformed, thus annulling the cushion’s main feature. Other reviewers cleared the matters by stating that gel, as a material, is flexible and not submitted to physical modifications due to prolonged using and body pressure, thus the cushion’s features remain unchanged even after sustained, extended sitting.

The Verdict

comfy-gel-cushion-review03Gathering together every single Comfy Gel Cushion review available online, the logical conclusion that can be drawn is that the Comfy Gel Seat Combination Cushion does work well for people having to sit down daily for a significant number of hours. Although it is inevitable to feel discomfort while driving, even on perfectly built roads without obstacles or all sort of bumps, the cushion alleviates bottom, back and neck stress. Another plus point was given to the product by those customers who found it very easy to keep it clean and maintained, so all in all, the gel cushion deserves a try, especially by those suffering from constant back pains due to their constraint of sitting down extensively.

CitiKitty Review

citikitty-review01The CittiKitty is an As Seen on TV product that any cat owner must have dreamed of, at some point during their feline companionship-filled days. It is a training seat to be used on any regular toilet, aimed at teaching cats how to pee in the bathroom. In this CitiKitty review, we try to figure out if it actually works.


The CittiKitty kit includes the training seat, several interchangeable rings, to be fitted at the bottom of the seat, as the process of training the cat progresses, a guide for training the cat, a set of tip cards, and cat treats. The treats are meant to be used as rewards, as the cat learns to use the CittiKitty. At first, there is no hole at the bottom of the seat and the cat simply uses the device as they would a normal litter box. Disposable kitty litter is required in this stage. Once the cat has been taught to use the seat, the owner can remove the first ring at the bottom, and then gradually enlarge the hole. Once the hole has been made more ample, it is impossible to make it smaller once more.

Reasons to Buy the CitiKitty

  • It can completely eliminate cat litter from your life

There is more than one raving CitiKitty review out there. Many cat owners say their feline got the gist right away and required virtually no training to start using the device. Since their cats switched to using the toilet, the smell, litter, and refuse magically disappeared and were literally flushed down the toilet. Other owners report having to spend a few days or even weeks to get the cat to understand what it needs to do.

  • The product has good customer service

Most people who bought the CitiKitty and either had trouble figuring out how to use it, or even wanted to return it, say customer service was friendly and prompt. Only a handful mention coming across problems in this department.

  • It is more affordable than similar products

Some reviewers have compared the CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit with the Litter Kwitter. However, the latter product is far more expensive than the Walmart-available CitiKitty. The Litter Kwitter also cannot promise you that you will see instant, consistent results – or any results at all.

  • It’s effectivecitikitty-review03

Despite doubts and the amendment that some cats might refuse to use the product at all, most CitiKitty reviews are positive. They say that, with some degree of effort on the part of the owner in terms of time spent on training, the product can work. Many say their cats use the seat, even if many don’t do so all the time.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

One CitiKitty review notes that, should the cat regress to an earlier stage in the process, the rings at the bottom cannot be reattached, therefore making the device rather useless. Other reviewers say that it’s not all that easy to make the holes in the first place, but this can be accomplished through the use of any regular pocket knife – it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. The bigger problem is that there simply is no way to know whether or not the device will work for you and your cat. Ideally, you should spend some time teaching, training, and rewarding the cat for using it. Also, it’s best if the cat can use a toilet that no one else in the household is using, at least during the initial stage. That’s because some cats will not like sharing their toilet with a human, while some humans won’t be too keen on sharing either. Both requirements can be difficult to pull off for some homeowners.citikitty-review02

The Verdict

The best conclusion we could find about this product comes from another CitiKitty review: “Bottom line, it’s not just the product. It’s your cat and your dedication.” The product can and does work, according to many of those who have tried it. However, be informed that there’s no way of knowing beforehand whether or not your cat will like it. The CitiKitty does require some effort – aside from training, you need to buy flushable litter for the first few times of use. What’s more, the product isn’t too sturdy, which makes it difficult for older cats to use it. But, all in all, if you’re willing to chance it, CitiKitty looks like it’s got good odds at success.

Kymaro New Body Shaper Review

The Kymaro New Body Shaper from is one of those as-seen-on-TV products that really does seem too good to be true. What is it? Essentially, an updated, more modern girdle, that promises to make the wearer instantly look thinner. It requires no dieting, no exercising, and it basically helps those too lazy (or too busy, let’s say) to live a healthy lifestyle shape up. It is obviously a product targeted at women, who would like to be able to wear any style of clothing and any kind of fashion, even though said fashions kymaro-new-body-shaper-review01might not normally flatter their figure. But does it really work? This Kymaro New Body Shaper Review is going to give you all the information you need, in order to make an informed decision on this instant slimming product.


The Kymaro New Body Shaper is an As Seen on TV product that emerged as the main competition for Spanx. It enhances posture and creates a feminine shape for the wearer, yet the fabric is breathable enough so that it never gets too hot wearing it. It is safe to wash, can be worn underneath any type of clothing and will instantly do away with bulges, bumps, and rolls of fat. It is particularly useful for women trying to conceal excess loose skin, caused by giving birth or massive weight loss.

Kymaro Workout

Reasons to Buy the Kymaro New Body Shaper

  • It is far more affordable than similar products

The camisoles produced by Spanx, the main competitor for the Kymaro New Body Shaper, sell for $44 to $198, compared to the measly $29.99 that you can purchase the Body Shaper for. Additionally, as one Kymaro New Body Shaper review states, the products are also available through chain stores across the country. These days, the product can also be purchased online, for the same, reduced price mentioned above. Online buyers may even become eligible for discounts on other products in the same range, such as Kymaro’s New Bottom Shaper and the Kymaro Cami.

  • It will instantly make you look thinner

Remember that dress you purchased for ‘thinspiration’, but never got around to wear? Those pants you were going to lose 10 lbs for? That wonderful top, which unfortunately showed off all your rolls and bulges? You can now enjoy wearing all of them, with the Kymaro New Body Shaper.

  • It’s seamless

The issue with many other girdles is that they’re not produced with actual clothing in mind. As such, when worn, they tend to show off all the unsightly sewing marks, wires, hooks, and bones. This is not the case with the Kymaro New Body Shaper, which pulls off the seamless look perfectly. It can be safely worn underneath sheer and figure-hugging clothing, irrespective of whether you’re going for a casual, or a formal look.

  • kymaro-new-body-shaper-review02The back is reinforced for support

Esthetic reasons aside, another Kymaro New Body Shaper review says the product is great for people with chiropractic health issues. The buyer was not allowed to wear any form of back support, as their doctor did not want the patient’s back muscles to become weak. With the Body Shaper, which comes with criss-cross back support, this is simply not an issue.

  • It doesn’t create a flat chest effect

Many underclothing items designed to support the upper body squash the breasts. Not only does this create an unsightly effect, but it’s also not very healthy for the breast tissue. The Kymaro New Body Shaper comes with straps that fit snugly under the breasts, thus providing them support and allowing the wearer to enjoy a certain degree of freedom.

  • It’s made out of great fabric

The fabric is breathable and durable. It can be safely washed, without having to worry that the fabric will become looser with time.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

  • The sizing might be a bit off

One Kimaro New Body Shaper review author notes that she ordered the product in her usual size and got a product that was too small to fit. Upon exchanging it with a larger size, she received a Body Shaper that was too large. Fit might vary according to build.

  • It will not work for the extremely overweight

While many a Kymaro New Body Shaper review says the product is fine for dealing with excess skin and a bit of a bulge here and there, it does have its limitations. For those who expect to slim down by several sizes, even if they are currently overweight, weight loss and exercising programs are probably a more appropriate solution.kymaro-new-body-shaper-review03

The Verdict

The Kymaro New Body Shaper is a good product, which helps women who wear it feel more comfortable with their own bodies. It will enhance the way clothes fit and also help with posture. To boot, it’s a very affordable and durable product, with a long-standing lifespan.

Tiddy Bear Review

What is the Tiddy Bear? Chances are, if you’ve seen the commercial on TV you already know and are amused (or, conversely, creeped out) by it. In a nutshell, this plush toy-like product is meant to help avoid seatbelt burns, by cushioning the seatbelt and avoiding direct contact between it and the wearer’s skin. Some find it incredibly cute, while others believe it’s plain silly. If you can’t quite make up your mind about this product, whose commercial brought it surprising amounts of popularity, read our very own Tiddy Bear review.


The Tiddy Bear, as the name suggests, is a seatbelt pad shaped like your average plush bear and it comes in pink. Its design makes it highly appropriate for children, yet not so suited for adult wearers. The principle according to which it works is simple enough. Place the Tiddy Bear underneath the seatbelt, around the area where you believe you may get a burn from the belt. The pad can be safely attached and will hold there throughout the duration of your trip. The bear was invented by a breast cancer survivor, who found wearing a seatbelt highly uncomfortable after her mastectomy.

Reasons to Buy the Tiddy Bear

  • It makes car trips comfortable

As one Tiddy Bear review states, this pad will keep the seatbelt from digging into your skin and flesh and make traveling by car far more enjoyable, irrespective of how long the trips may take. If you’ve ever suffered from skin burns or rashes, caused by wearing seatbelts in the hot and humid summer weather, then you will definitely appreciate it.

  • It’s great for kids

The design of the Tiddy Bear also makes car travel in the company of children far more pleasant. Since the pad is essentially designed like any other kids’ plush toy, your little ones are probably not going to protest having to wear it. On the contrary, as the author of one Tiddy Bear review notes – they are likely to turn Tiddy into their new best buddy and traveling companion. Just don’t forget Tiddy at home, or you’re likely to hear some complaining and whining!

  • It’s celebrity-endorsed

The reason for which the bear is pink ties in with the story of its development. Pink is the color traditionally associated with the battle against breast cancer. This is also the reason for which TV talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has repeatedly mentioned the pad on her show and also encouraged her audiences to purchase it.

  • It’s cute!

This, of course, is a matter of personal preference. However, it’s hard to get critical, when the object of your criticism is—well, a pink plush teddy bear.

Consumer Issues and tiddy-bear02Concerns

  • It’s ugly!

Yet again, a matter of personal taste – but there isn’t just one Tiddy Bea review out there which expresses the view that the bear is ‘fugly’. It definitely isn’t the most trendy or stylish driving accessory on the market right now. However, some style experts believe that the Tiddy Bear might actually catch on because of how unsightly it is. It’s worth mentioning that most buyer reviews online focus specifically on the bear’s design, rather than on whether or not it actually works for the purpose it was designed.

  • It’s not suited for very young children

The eyes on the Tiddy Bear are small and potentially detachable. For this reason, they are considered a choking hazard and not recommended for children under the age of 3. They can be used on baby car seats, but it is best if the eyes are removed beforehand.

  • It is potentially overpriced

We found one Tiddy Bear review, which led us to a tutorial that explains how to make your own Tiddy Bear, for far less money. Cost efficiency may be one argument in favor of the DIY approach. However, bear in mind (pun not intended!) that the tutorial isn’t exactly simple to follow and might not be suited for those of us who are less skilled with their hands.

The Verdicttiddy-bear03

All in all, the Tiddy Bear might be largely a matter of taste for most people. It certainly does have a lot of appeal for parents who have to drive their children around a lot. The association with the cause of fighting against breast cancer also makes it a good choice, above other similar products.

Ninja Cooking System Review

Wouldn’t it be every home chef’s dream come true, if they could benefit from a single appliance that can handle just about every type of cooking available? The Ninja Cooking System does just that: it slow cooks, bakes, roasts, and browns any type of food, making the need for other kinds of pots and pans nearly non-existent. This kind of appliance is also able to cook some seriously tasty food, as its wide range of functions also comes with the added benefit of fuller flavors. It doesn’t matter if you’re cooking poultry, fish, other types oninja-cooking-systemf meat, or even vegetables. With the Ninja Cooking System, you can be sure it’s going to taste amazing.


The Ninja Cooking System is a 3-in-1 device that measures 18 inches in length, including the handles, 13.5 inches across with the knobs, and 12 inches when it has the lid on. It is equipped with a dial that allows the user to safely and quickly switch between the various functions: from Stovetop, to Slow Cooker, to Oven. This way, it doesn’t take more than one turn of a knob to prepare food just the way you want it prepared.

The Ninja Cooking System also comes with a fine mesh made out of chrome, which can be easily removed and placed back inside, to be used for roasting. The roasting pan is also very light and requires no effort to take out. The browning function allows users to quickly cook meat, for quick meals. If you really want to bake, roast, or slow cook your food, you can use the exact same configuration as you would for browning. Its lid has a vent, which allows the interior to be aerated during cooking – an especially useful function when roasting. It also has a timer and temperature gauge, which are interchangeable during the cooking process. The lid does not heat up during cooking.

Reasons to Buy the Ninja Cooking System

  • It’s easy to clean

ninja-cooking-system 1One of the biggest problems with regular slow cookers is that they may become incredibly difficult (if not outright impossible) to clean up. This is not the case with the Ninja Cooking System, which comes with a non-stick surface inside. Users even tested this quality by burning food inside. The result was that the substances burned to thin, crispy film, which literally rose from the surface of the interior’s bottom. Even the roasting rack is easy to clean and has been tested in a similar manner.

  • It cuts down cooking time

Browning your poultry and meat takes far less time than roasting, baking, or slow cooking, and it is recommended for quick meals. This function produces very flavorful meals, so make sure to try it out, when you purchase the Ninja Cooking System.

  • It’s not at all heavy

Most slow cookers are bulky, heavy-weight items. The Ninja Cooking System only weighs 6 pounds, which makes it very easy to use, no matter your frame and build.

  • It roasts food in two different ways

You can either roast meats the regular way, without having to worry they will come out soggy, as they sometimes do when using a crock pot. For fish, seafood, veggies, and pudding, you can opt for steam roasting, which makes for easy, tasty cooking.

Consumer Issues and Concerns

  • It can heat up

During cooking, users need to make sure they don’t accidentally touch the exterior of the Ninja Cooking System. The appliance can become very hot and contact may result in nasty burns.

  • It doesn’t signal that time is up

There is no way to know that cooking time is up with the Ninja Cooking System, regardless of the function you set it to. After a baking cycle runs its course, the device will turn off the heat by itself after roughly one minute. When using it as a slow cooker, it will turn down the heat to keep the food warm.

  • It does require some pre-heating

The manual of the Ninja Cooking System claims the device requires no pre-heating time, but, in fact, the high temperature in stovetop mode does take quite some time to be reached. It is recommended to switch to the oven setting, in order to heat up the applian

ninja-cooking-system 2

ce as quickly as possible.

The Verdict

Priced at $200, this multifunctional device is not at all that expensive. For the largest part, it does fulfill all the functions it claims to with good results, although it will take some fiddling to get it just right. Some consumers might find the price tag a bit steep, but the Ninja Cooking System definitely makes up for it in terms of versatility and ease of cleaning.