Flex Seal Review

Flex Seal is not just another rubber sealant. It outperforms the traditional sealants that come in bulky cans. This product is perfect for all types of leaks and cracks. It can even be used in areas that often get wet or exposed to moisture. The new sealant claims to provide an instant solution for all sorts of cracks and leaks at home or anywhere else. We found the limited time buy one get one free deal here at this website from the product maker.

Reasons to Buy Flex Seal

  • Easy to Use

This unique sealant comes in a handy waterproof can. Very little preparation is required. Users should follow the instructions that come with the product, and they are good to go. Anyone can perform simple home repairs without the need to call for professionals. Every spray provides an outcome that is as good as professional work. Users do not have to worry about the results of the repair.

  • Incredibly Handy

This sealant comes in a can. Therefore, it is very portable. Anyone can take it anywhere without the bulk. People who do repairs on the roof are free from heavy sealant buckets. They can go up on the roof easily without needing someone to hold the sealant for them.

  • Full Coverage For Leaks and Breaks

The rubber spray effectively covers all leaks and cracks. No breaks are too small or large for Flex Seal. The sprayed rubber gets into the cracks efficiently. They are covered completely and sealed against water penetration. This innovative sealant can even cover holes in pipes. These parts of houses and buildings often get rusted and corroded. Fortunately, Flex Seal can cover them and even stop the corrosion.

  • Weather and Temperature Resistant

Users do not have to be skeptical about using the product in areas that get hot or cold. In fact, it can even be applied on the roof or other areas that are often exposed to rain or moisture. The leaks remain covered despite the water and very high temperatures.

  • Durable

Reviews revealed that many people have used the product to cover areas that are exposed to rain or sun. They claimed that the leaks and breaks stay covered for many years. The product is made from high quality ingredients that are designed to last for a long time. Many users notice that there is no cracking or flaking in the sprayed area despite the drastic weather changes.

  • Applicable to All Surfaces

Many users revealed that this sealant can actually be used on all sorts of surfaces as long as they are clean. This sealant can be used in wet or dry areas. However, it is very important that users clean the area first before spraying. This is imperative as the spray sealant won’t work in areas full of dirt and debris.

  • Paintable

Many users actually complain about the color of the sealant when it gets dry. The solution is to paint over it. Doing so allows users to match the color of the sealant to the surface around it. In fact, the presence of the sealant may not be very obvious as it truly gets into the surface.

The Many Other Uses of Flex Seal

Flex Seal can also be used for installing products like car stereos. It has a good sticking capacity that makes it suitable for fixture and appliance installation.

A customer revealed that this product can do more than cover leaks. It can actually save cut wood from insect infestation and fungi growth. Trees that are cut may be vulnerable to these organisms. This sealant can protect them. Users can spray it on to the exposed wood. They can ensure that the wood stays in good condition as long as the sealant is properly applied.

Old tools such as wrenches and hammers may not be very comfortable to use when they lose their rubber grip. Flex Seal can actually take over. Spraying several coats of the product on the tool’s gripping area solves the problem. Now, everyone can use their old tools in the most cost-efficient way without replacing the rubber grip. Users may hurt themselves when they use these tools without the grip.

Flex Seal is also an emergency tool for fixing broken shoes. This product is better than any other glue that is usually used for repairing shoes. Moreover, it can be sprayed on to shoes for an instant rubberized sole.

Using Flex Seal Effectively

Some customers have complained about the product. However, many reviewers agreed that those customers may not have read the instructions carefully before they used it. With this, they claim that the product is a scam and not really efficient.

The best way to use this product is to shake it carefully. Spraying it on top of a leak or break can end the problem. Unfortunately, some customers may have sprayed too much or applied a coating that is too thin. It is highly recommended that users spray over the leak twice. They should wait for a couple of minutes for the seal to get dry and reapply if necessary.

Some customers also complained about spray going to unwanted areas. The manufacturer claims that no preparation is required. However, people should also anticipate the drawbacks of using this product. Some users say that the spraying mechanism of this product is not helpful as it can mess up the areas around the leaks. The best solution is to cover up the areas that are not supposed to be sprayed with old newspaper.

The Drawbacks

Flex Seal cannot cover large holes. This sealant is designed to cover smaller leaks and cracks.

Multiple sprays may be needed to ensure full coverage. The number of coatings needed to cover leaks or cracks actually depends on their size. It is very important that users are able to spray the sealant evenly into leaks. Otherwise, the other areas may not be entirely covered and may break again.

The Verdict

Flex Seal has countless benefits. Customers who have bought this product would agree that they received more than they paid for. This is because they do not only use Flex Seal for covering leaks or breaks. The product has many other uses.

4 Reasons Why Kids Love the Slushy Magic

Some of the hottest trends among kids these days are frozen beverages, and that’s why there are at least 4 reasons why kids love the Slushy Magic device. This product can turn nearly any liquid into a frozen treat without the need for any complicated blending. Here are four reasons why kids and even adults love the product and the frozen beverages it creates.

It’s Fast

One of the biggest reasons kids love the product is due to just how quickly it works. Kids can remove the magic cubes from the freezer, place them in the Slushy Magic maker, add almost any liquid, and shake for a frozen treat that is ready in minutes. Unlike other slushy makers, you don’t have to wait for ice to be crushed or liquids to be blended. The magic cubes can be kept in the freezer between uses so they’ll always be ready to make another slushy.

It’s Easy

There aren’t many kitchen products that parents would feel comfortable letting their young children use, especially not a blender, but this product is safe and simple enough for almost any child to use. With the Slushy Magic there are no sharp blades involved, no ice to crush, and no messes to clean up. Everything is contained within one easy to clean cup and since there aren’t any large blender pitchers to clean, you can have a slushy anytime you want. If your kid knows how to pour and shake, they can use this product with ease.

It’s Delicious

Since the product can be used with essentially any liquid, your kids can take the flavorful beverages they already love and make them even tastier! From frozen lemonade to frozen chocolate milk, there isn’t much of anything that doesn’t taste better when it’s made into a slushy treat. The Slushy Magic is especially refreshing during the summer months when your kids will no doubt crave cold beverages to help cool down. It’s also a great way to get kids to drink fruit and vegetable juices they may not try otherwise.

It’s Fun

Lastly, the sheer fun of shaking and creating your own frozen beverage is fun for every member of the family. Since the slushy maker takes all of the frustration out of making a frozen drink, the only thing left to do is shake it up and enjoy! Not only is shaking up your own drink tons of fun, but kids absolutely love experimenting with their own flavor combinations to make drinks that they’ve never had before. And since it’s so kid-friendly, you’ll never have to hesitate when your kids ask if they can use the Slushy Magic.

EZ Eyes Keyboard Review

EZ Eyes Keyboard is the newest solution for computer users who have problems seeing letters on the keyboard. This device has letters that are four times larger than a standard keyboard. This innovative product aims to help computer users avoid eye strain. It also helps improve typing speed and quality. Here is the limited time double discount offer from the manufacturer of the keyboard.

The EZ Eyes Keyboard Commercial

The product’s TV commercial initially shows an old woman who is having a hard time typing. The EZ Eyes Keyboard solves her problem. Its big and bright yellow letters allow the user to type smoothly without having to exert too much effort. The ad shows that the product is great for people of all ages. This includes kids.

It can be a great gift for older not-so-tech-savvy people. It is a plug and play device as shown in the commercial. There is no need to download any software to use it. In addition, it glows in the dark. With this, users can work in dark conditions with ease and convenience. The ad also claims that this product is spill-proof.

EZ Eyes Unique Features

  • It is an oversized keyboard.
  • It has oversized bold letters.
  • It comes with a bright yellow background and black letters.
  • It is designed for people of all ages.
  • It comes with an ergonomic mouse.
  • It glows in the dark.
  • It is spill-proof.
  • It works as an external keyboard for laptops.

Reasons To Buy EZ Eyes

  • To Avoid Eye Strain

Computer users always suffer from the same condition after a long day of working in front of the computer. Small letters and dark-colored keyboards are the usual cause of this problem. This is very common among older people and those who have vision problems. EZ Eyes Keyboard is packed with features that allow users to see the letters right away while they are typing. They do not have to strain their eyes focusing on a dark keyboard.

  • To Type Faster and More Accurately

The most common factor that slows down any typing task is the inability to see the letters on the keyboard clearly. It may be because of an inefficient keyboard. With this, users tend to press the wrong letters. They always end up messing up their work and starting all over again. Fortunately, this innovative keyboard will not make it hard on them. Users can be sure that they can press the right keys all the time. They do not have to bow down in order to look closely at the letters. EZ Eyes Keyboard lets them see the letters clearly even from afar.

  • To Be Able To Work In The Dark

This unique keyboard can glow in the dark. People who usually work at night can work comfortably even without light. They may work in their own rooms without disturbing their roommates as they do not need the light on. They can save energy while doing their job.

  • To Come Up With a Perfect Gift For Grandparents or People With Bad Vision

Small print keyboards commonly come with the purchase of PCs and laptops. This is not very suitable for older people. EZ Eyes is designed to meet the needs of these people. It can be a great gift for them.

  • To Get a Keyboard and Mouse In One

EZ Eyes Keyboard comes with an additional mouse. These accessories are all included in the price. Consumers can save on buying a separate device. This package is cost-effective and not available in stores.

  • To Be Able To Eat and Drink While Working

Many computer users love to eat and drink while working. They know that this is not advisable as accidents may happen anytime. Beverages can spill onto the electronic device and damage it. This is among the main weaknesses of electronic gadgets. The keyboard is the liquid’s port of entry. It can destroy the computer’s interior, and it may not be usable again. Fortunately, this is no longer a problem with EZ Eyes. The product claims to be spill-proof. It does not allow water to get into the computer. With this, the device stays operational even after it is exposed to water.

Drawbacks Of Buying EZ Eyes Keyboard

  • Only One Color Available

This keyboard only comes with a bright yellow background and black letters. There are no other colors available. This is because yellow is soothing to the eye. The color looks great when it glows in the dark. Yellow and black are two contrasting colors that make it easier to identify letters on the keyboard. The yellow enhances the black to become more noticeable.

  • Bulky Keyboard

Many computer users purchase the product to use it instead of the laptop’s built-in keyboard. They hope that they can easily take it anywhere. Unfortunately, this keyboard is too bulky to carry. In addition, there is no wireless version.

EZ Eyes is great for office and home use. Buyers should make sure they are aware of the size and features of the product before they buy. This product is not designed to be a portable device. It is better left at home or at the office. Users can simply carry the laptop alone when they need to go out.

Common Customer Reviews

Many customers who purchased this device find it very beneficial. They enjoy the oversized letters and the strain relief. The most common complaint is that they cannot freely carry the device as they find it bulky. This product is designed to be oversized. The makers intended it to be large enough to make sure that the letters are clear. Otherwise, it will not serve its purpose.

Moreover, older people are able to use this device. It does not just relieve their eye strain. It also helps their back and neck pain. They do not have to bow down deeper to see the letters.

The Bottom Line

EZ Eyes Keyboard is a good product to buy. This is very helpful in ending problems with small letters that are difficult to read. This device allows convenience and comfort when working. Gone are the days of worrying about drinks spilling onto the keyboard. With EZ Eyes Keyboard, typing will never be the same again.

Magic Mesh Review

Magic Mesh Screen Door is an innovation that changes the way of protecting homes and even vehicles from bugs and other pests. It is made from excellent quality mesh that allows air to pass through but stops insects from getting in. Magic Mesh makes homes and motor homes safe and very comfortable. Click here for the Magic Mesh discount offer from the manufacturer.

The Magic of Magic Mesh

Many people love to stay inside a cool home during the summer. Unfortunately, they may have to pay a lot for utility bills if they run the air conditioning all the time. Bringing in fresh, natural air through the doors and windows is the best solution. The problem is that bugs get inside when people leave their doors open. The good news is that Magic Mesh can put an end to this problem. It allows the summer air to get in and keeps bugs out.

Another problem happens when someone forgets to close the door after they go inside. Kids and pets do this. Wooden or glass doors won’t close by themselves. This welcomes bugs and mosquitoes inside. These insects can be a real problem. They can also contaminate food and pose a threat to the family’s health.

This innovative mesh door won’t let these insects bite anyone at home. This magic door closes on its own. Homeowners will no longer have to worry about kids and pets coming in and out of the house. They can make sure that the doors are sealed all the time.

Magic Mesh Features

  • It is made from superior quality fine mesh.
  • It is relatively easy to install. There is no need to drill.
  • It can fit in double doors.
  • It is easy to store.
  • It comes with an 18 magnet fastening system that closes by itself.

Reasons to Get Magic Mesh

  • It lets fresh air in and keeps bugs out.

This amazing feature certainly puts an end to a common problem. Ensuring that the front and rear doors are always sealed after they have been opened is a tedious chore. An open door is the best entrance for bugs and pest. However, Magic Mesh can screen them out. It closes automatically after someone passes through. This is made possible with 18 magnets that separate when opened and attract each other to close back. Moreover, the product has fine holes that allow air to get inside. With this, homeowners can still enjoy the fresh air indoors.

  • It provides a safe passage for pets.

Homeowners will no longer have to worry about their pets being left outside to scratch at the door in order to get in. Dogs and cats can pass through this mesh door with ease and convenience. It is so light that they do not have to push it hard to open the screen. There is no more rolling or pulling up. The screen door will open easily and close automatically.

  • It stops the door from slamming.

Magic Mesh is not as heavy as wooden or glass doors. Parents get annoyed by slamming doors every time their kids pass through. This product puts a stop to slamming doors. With this, there is no more unnecessary noise. The magnetic fastening system simply clicks as it closes. It snaps back quietly.

  • It can fit in double doors and even RVs.

Magic Mesh is great for double doors and recreational vehicles. It is very easy to install and detach if not needed. It is so light that it can be carried along just about anywhere. This screen door is best to use during the summer when it is too hot to keep the doors and windows closed. In addition, it is a good traveling buddy for people who love to drive, stop and sleep in their vehicles. Campers can also add this mesh door to their adventure gear.

  • It is very affordable and durable.

The only permanent solution that keeps bugs out is a screen door. The problem is that these fixtures are quite expensive. They help protect the house from bugs and insects just like a mesh door. They also allow fresh air to get in. Unfortunately, screen doors are heavy and difficult to open. Mesh doors do not require much effort to push or pull. Anyone can pass through without any assistance even when their hands are full. This door can last for a long time as it is made from high quality mesh.

Magic Mesh Drawbacks

Customer reviews mostly say good things about what Magic Mesh provides them. However, there are some customers that see negative points that come with these innovative screen doors.

  • It is not good to use on windy days.

Some customers find Magic Mesh useless during windy days. Actually, the makers designed the product to be used in fine weather. It is not suitable for all weather conditions. The product is made from fine and light mesh. It is intended to open and close easily. The primary goal of the product is to let fresh air in and keep bugs out. With this, customers should not expect the product to function well on a windy day.

  • The magnets are weak.

Proper installation is important to make use of all product features. Many customers say that the mesh screen door magnets are too weak. A customer with this problem reinstalled his mesh door and found the solution. Improper magnet alignment causes the problem. Owners should ensure that the mesh door’s height is even from end to end. Doing so will allow magnets to attract each other easily.

  • The velcro loses its function after a short period of use.

Magic Mesh only uses velcro for installation. It does not require drilling. However, some customers complained that the velcro loses its functionality easily. Fortunately, they can buy velcro strips from DIY stores. They can either replace it with this or add wood screws to secure the mesh.

The Verdict

Magic Mesh is a great product for people who know how and when to use it. The product is very affordable, and it offers a lot of features. This mesh door is guaranteed durable. It can last for many years depending on usage and maintenance.

3 Reasons to Buy the Trendy Top Wrap

Most reviews can list far more than 3 reasons for buying the Trendy Top wrap, but many of them miss the important details on just how helpful the product can be to you. While it is certainly great at being an undershirt that covers your midriff without the bulk, there is much more to the product than that. Here are three reasons for buying that you may not have considered.

Unlimited Layering Potential

Layering tops is one of the hottest trends in fashion, but with normal shirts, this can lead to all kinds of problems you won’t have to worry about if you use the Trendy Top. For one, wearing multiple layers during the warmer months can be extremely uncomfortable. No one wants to strut around in 100 degree heat wearing four layers of clothing. Even during the colder months, wearing multiple layers can make you uncomfortable just from the sheer bulk involved. With this wrap, you can still get the layered look without wearing a full shirt. This means less heat and less bulk which means less discomfort for you.

No More Embarrassments

One of the greatest benefits that you’ll get from buying the Trendy Top is that it can help protect you from embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions. Since the wrap goes around your waist and midriff, bending and reaching can be done without the fear of exposing your stomach or too much of your rear. Unlike normal shirts that bag open or don’t cover enough, this wrap tightly hugs these areas of your body to prevent embarrassing moments before they happen. This is especially useful for those who have to be on the move constantly for their job, such as retail workers and waitresses. It can even be used to help extend tops you already own that run a little too short.

Add More Variety to your Wardrobe

The Trendy Top is also especially useful for those looking to add more variety to their wardrobe. Instead of buying a closet full of new tops, these wraps come in a variety of colors that can help add much-needed variety to your wardrobe at a significantly lower cost. You can match or contrast your top with the various wrap colors available to create a unique look for each day of the week. And since there isn’t any added bulk, you can use the wraps year-round in all kinds of weather. You’ll also find that tops you’ve grown tired of may find new life when matched with one of the Trendy Top wraps.

Sticky Buddy Review

Lint rollers are very effective cleaning tools at home and even on the go. However, typical paper lint rollers add more mess to the environment. Sticky Buddy aims to put an end to this problem. It works like a paper lint roller. The most significant difference is that there are no sticky paper sheets to throw away. Click here for the Sticky Buddy buy one get one free deal from the manufacturer of the lint roller.

Reasons to Buy Sticky Buddy

  • No Sticky Paper Sheets

People who love to use paper lint rollers may enjoy the cleaning benefits they provide. However, they never look forward to the time when the sheets run out and they have to buy another one. This is no longer a problem with Sticky Buddy. It has no paper sheets to remove.

There are no disposable refills needed. The product is used as it is. All it needs is just a simple cleaning with soap and water, and it can be used again. In addition, this new lint roller does not mess up the environment with paper waste like the old rollers.

  • Stays Sticky

Simple cleaning with water and soap gets rid of the particles and debris stuck in the roller. This will allow people to use the tool all over again without having to worry about losing the stickiness. They can wash and use it as many times as necessary. The excellent adhesive quality remains as good as new.

  • Better Than Paper Lint Rollers

Paper lint rollers are out, and the new sticky rollers are in. The Sticky Buddy comes with rubber fingers that can dig deeper into thick carpets and fabric to make it easier to clean. Users can surely clean hard to reach areas. This feature allows them to expose the dirt concealed by thick fabrics. Its cover keeps the roller clean when not in use. Other lint rollers do not have covers. This makes them prone to getting dirty even when they are simply stored.

  • Removes Hair and Other Particles Easily and Safely

Hair sticking on clothes is always an undesirable sight. People use lint rollers in order to remove hair and even dandruff. Some even use mini-vacuum cleaners. The problem with paper rollers is that it takes time to use them. Users need to peel off the sheets. These tools are not great for emergency situations.

This new sticky lint roller removes hair in one sweep. Meanwhile, some people love to use a vacuum instead. Unfortunately, they will likely end up cutting their hair if the vacuum is not used properly.

  • A Great Kitchen Buddy

The kitchen is among the busiest places in the house. Homeowners cook every day and may not have enough time to clean up the mess. This sticky lint roller can help them fast. It can remove crumbs without the help of a towel. It works on any kitchen surface. This includes areas like tables, counter tops and floors. It makes cleaning faster. Busy people do not have to spend much time cleaning the area before they go to work. Cleaning is just a roll away.

  • Easy to Carry

Travelers can take the pocket-size version of Sticky Buddy with them. With this, they can clean themselves up even on the go. The smaller version can fit in pockets and purses. People can take it everywhere conveniently. It has a cover to ensure that there is no need to wash it. It also comes with a rubber finger akin to the bigger version.

  • Pet Buddy

Pet owners always have problems with pet hair. Their hair can be very light, and it can stick just about anywhere. With this, it can be very difficult to remove it manually. Sticky Buddy is a great solution for this. Pet hair on sofas, carpets, beds, floors and clothes can now be removed in a very fast and effective way. Users can clean up the area in just a roll.

Customer Issues and Concerns

  • It only comes in two sizes.

sticky buddy reviewThe larger version of this lint roller is best to use in the kitchen. It is also effective in removing particles on the floor. The smaller one is great to use when people are out. Unfortunately, the product does not come with a long handle. This means that its uses are limited. Longer handles would be helpful in removing more dirt without too much effort.

  • It only comes in yellow.

Many customers do not like the lack of color choices. However, this problem does not affect the equipment’s cleaning ability. Some customers do not mind having this product in yellow. Unfortunately, there are some people who cannot tolerate it and complain in their reviews. This is actually more of a personal issue than a concern about the product’s usefulness.

  • It does not regain its stickiness after washing.

Some reviews claim that the product does not regain its stickiness even after washing. This happens when people do not clean it properly. The best way to clean this lint roller is to wash it under a tap. The running water will remove the dirt. It is very important to dry it with a towel. Wet rollers will not provide the desired stickiness.

  • It requires frequent running to and from the sink to clean.

Some customers find it difficult to run to and from the sink to clean the roller. This problem is actually very minor. Users can clean an area far from the sink using a bucket full of water beside them. All they have to do is roll the tool in the area and remove the dirt in the bucket. Doing so will make their job a lot easier and faster. They only need to carry the bucket and clean the roller with their hands. There is no need to run to the sink after every roll.

The Verdict

Sticky Buddy is a great cleaning tool. It comes with various benefits, and it is really worth its price. It has the capacity to clean all sorts of surfaces. It comes in two sizes. The larger one is suitable for home cleaning. However, there are some issues with this product that customers should anticipate.

People interested in the Sticky Buddy may also be interested in a similar product, the Schticky lint roller. Read our review, or check out our post on the 3 best ways to use the Schticky lint roller.

Music Bullet Review

Music Bullet claims to provide incredibly powerful sound from a tiny speaker. These speakers are travelers’ newest sound buddies. They are about the size of a desktop mouse. They are very handy, and they can produce a real crisp sound. Mobile phone and tablet owners usually complain about the lacking sound quality. Music Bullet promises to help. Click here for the Music Bullet buy one get one free limited time offer from the manufacturer.

music bulletMusic Bullet in Action

Music enthusiasts know that bigger is better when it comes to sound. With this, speaker manufacturers produce their products in large sizes to ensure the best output possible. However, Music Bullet claims to change this concept. These tiny speakers produce good quality bass that is often lacking in mobile phone and tablet speakers.

Music Bullet can be great when traveling. It can also be used at home or in the office. This small sound device is so handy that it can be carried anywhere. These innovative speakers are actually designed for both indoor and outdoor use. They can even be used for a backyard party. Users can combine as many Music Bullet units as they like for a more phenomenal effect.

Music Bullet Features

  • It is as small as a desktop mouse.
  • It is rechargeable.
  • It is handy.
  • It produces powerful sound.
  • It comes with options that can double the sound output.
  • It is compatible with MP3 players, mobile phones, tablets, computers and laptops.

Reasons to Get a Music Bullet

  • Incredibly Powerful Sound From a Tiny Speaker

The sound quality can affect the excitement that comes from listening to music. Music lovers always want to hear the best quality sound possible. The problem is that most speakers built into mobile phones and other devices are often weak and lack bass. In the past, music lovers needed to have bulky headphones and large speakers to satisfy their appetite for music. Fortunately, Music Bullet corrects the misconception that only large speakers can blow listeners away. With this, music lovers can achieve the sound output they long for from a small device.

  • Listen to Music Without the Hassles

This tiny sound device has long, retractable wires. With this, users can play their favorite music anywhere without having to deal with wire tangles. This simply means that people can use it when they want to and easily store it when they don’t need it. They can conveniently place the speaker inside a car or on an office table. All it needs is a USB cable to charge the batteries. Users have the option to recharge the device with a separate jack. Using this tiny speaker is very convenient.

  • Share the Music

Users can take this sound gadget anywhere indoors or outdoors. They can even set it up for a party in the backyard. With this, they can share the music with everyone. They do not have to listen to music alone in the car or in the office using their own earpiece. This device allows them to expand the sound coverage however they want. The option to double the sound output can reach distant areas without affecting the sound quality. The richness of the bass remains the same whether indoors or outdoors.

  • More Features, Lower Price

Many customers claim that they got more than they paid for. This product is relatively small, but it produces a lot of sound for its size. The device is truly inexpensive. This is especially true compared to headsets that give out the same sound quality.

  • Mini-Movie Theater and Speaker Phone

This tiny speaker is also very convenient for movie enthusiasts. It allows them to set up a mini-movie theater with their tablets or iPads. With this, they can enjoy a quality viewing experience anywhere.

Music Bullet Drawbacks

  • The sound it produces is not enough for outdoor parties.

music bullet reviewsA customer reviewing the product said that this tiny speaker is not good for outdoor parties. The manufacturer actually recommends the combination of many speaker units to produce the loudest sound possible. A single unit alone may not be able to cover a large outdoor area. This is because it is too small to disseminate the sound evenly and loudly. The solution is to purchase more units and combine all of them. Doing so will allow users to get the loudest sound possible for an outdoor party.

  • The sound quality is just the same as the phone’s built-in speaker.

Another review pointed out that Music Bullet only produces louder sound than the phone’s built-in speaker. They said that the sound quality is the same. This speaker is actually designed to boost or fill in the missing sound elements provided by the mobile phone speaker. However, the best way to achieve this is to install a sound app on the phone or music player itself. It was tested by another reviewer. The user was actually surprised with the sound enhancement. Combining the product with a phone sound app can produce the best sound possible. Doing so will allow users to get more out of the Music Bullet.

The Verdict

Music Bullet may have been built with an unusual design, but it has a lot of features for the price. Many customers were amazed when they received their unit. There have never been any other speakers this small that can create such powerful bass.

Many customers liked the 7 hour battery life. They get to enjoy continuous sound without the distortion. There may be some technical problems that come with the product, but the majority of customers find it tolerable.

The best way to use this sound device is to pair it with a good music player. Users should not expect the product to perform sound adjustments. The quality of the music player matters. It is also advisable to install applications that balance the sound elements.

This tiny speaker is worth the price. It gives out good quality sound and powerful bass. It is portable and rechargeable. Music lovers will surely get the best sound possible from a portable speaker. These features all come at a very affordable price.

3 Ways to Use the Schticky Lint Roller

While there are definitely more than 3 ways to use the Schticky lint roller, many of the commercials seem to just focus on its most basic use; cleaning up lint. Due to the unique sticky silicone used by the product, there are actually many different cleaning tasks you can accomplish with the product. Here are three unique ways the lint roller can help tidy up your life.

schticky lint rollerPet Cleaning

If you’re a pet owner, you’ve likely had the unpleasant experience of finding pet hair all over your carpet, couch and other upholstered furniture. Using the Schticky, dander from cats and dogs alike can be cleaned up in a flash. No matter how little or how severely your pet sheds, this roller can handle it. For cleaning your couch, simply use the basic roller over the cushions. For carpets, the large roller can help dig out hair using its specially designed head. You can even help prevent pet hair messes from occurring by using your roller like brush on your pet. Not only will it clean up easily, but your animals will love it.

Out of Reach Cleaning

One great benefit of owning the large Schticky is that you clean all kinds of hard to reach places more efficiently than ever before. Thanks to the roller’s long handle and large rolling head, cleaning the cobwebs from your ceiling can be done in almost no time at all. Unlike a broom which just moves messes around, this roller will actually grab messes of all kinds. This is especially helpful when blindly cleaning underneath the bed or couch. You’ll be cleaning up messes you didn’t even know existed thanks to the sticky head of the roller. And since it washes clean with water, you won’t even have to get your hands dirty.

Cleaning on the Go

The Schticky also comes in a handy pocket-sized version which can fold up and be packed away for cleaning emergencies of all kinds. While cleaning up lint is a clear benefit of always having the product with you, there are other benefits as well. If you find yourself suddenly needing to clean up some unexpected dandruff before an interview or a date, for instance, pulling out the small roller can get you back to looking immaculate in no time. It’s also handy for spills that may occur inside your car. Crumbs can be gone in no time at all simply by going over your car seat with the pocket-sized Schticky.

GoJo Hands Free Review

GoJo Hands Free is the best way to use mobile phones, tablets and even laptops without having to use your hands. This product was thought to be a spoof, but it turned out to be real and usable. This innovation is something really new and totally fresh. It certainly defines what a real hands-free product is all about. Here is the limited-time discount buy-two get two free deal straight from the makers of the product.

As Seen on TV

The GoJo Hands Free TV commercial shows the difference between the product and the other devices that claim to be hands-free. The ad presents the many uses of this gadget. It can hold mobile phones, land lines, tablets and even laptops. The ad implies that this hands-free device allows users to multitask. They can do work and talk on the phone at the same time. Users can drive and answer the phone safely and conveniently.

The TV ad even showed a cheerleader doing a back flip while holding a phone in place with the device. Setting up a mobile device with GoJo Hands Free only takes a few seconds. Then, the user is totally hands-free. It claims to be the only product on earth to offer this feature.

gojo hands freeGoJo Hands Free Unique Features

  • Adjustable fit for all.
  • Compatible with all phones and tablets.
  • There are no chargers or batteries needed.
  • There are no hanging wires.
  • It comes with a small suction cup to secure mobile phones and keep them in place.

Reasons To Buy GoJo Hands Free

  • It is totally hands-free.

There are no other devices available today that offer 100 percent hands-free operations. Even mobile phone headsets require using the other hand to hold the phone. This innovative product allows users to do other tasks and talk at the same time. Many people think that only mobile phones can be used hands-free. This GoJo device can even be used with land line phones, laptops and tablets.

  • It is easy to use.

It only takes a few seconds to set up this device with a mobile phone. Users do not have to worry about intertwining wires like they do with typical phone earpieces. It works like a headband that can hold a phone in place on the ear.

Bluetooth earpieces have also become popular. They offer hands-free features. However, GoJo Hands Free outperforms these devices by not using a battery. It does not need charging. Therefore, it is easy to use and carry any time.

  • It uses the phone’s own speakers.

Users do not have to worry about disruptions in the sound due to the earpiece’s quality. GoJo Hands Free allows users to listen directly to their own speakers. With this, they can be sure that the sound is always high quality. It will not affect the speaker output in any way.

  • It is necessary when driving.

Many states have now implemented laws that allow drivers to use hands-free cellphone devices. These laws aim to reduce distractions while driving. They also mean that drivers should never hold their cell phones while driving. GoJo Hand Free helps drivers avoid violations related to using the phone while driving. The device does not slip when set up.

GoJo Hands Free Common Customer Complaints and Solutions

  • The device cannot stick to phone protectors.

The suction cup sticks well on real phone covers. Unfortunately, rubber protectors or other types of coverings may have to be removed it first before the device can be used. This is a problem for many product users.

Mobile phone users often have special coverings to protect their phone from impacts or scratches. However, the GoJo device may require them to not use this protection. The only solution to this problem is to choose between the two accessories. This hands-free device does more than the phone casing. It also comes with non-slip mats that can protect the phone from falling or getting scratches from rough surfaces.

  • gojo hands free headsetIt looks funny when people use it with bigger devices.

Some customers actually complained about the product making them look ridiculous. Users may use it in any way they like as long as its serves its purpose. This device is primarily designed to provide convenience. People may not use it for heavier devices when they do not feel like it is appropriate.

It is best that people use this device at home or in the office where they need to perform many tasks at the same time. They can use it while driving and simply take it off then they get out of the car.

  • It takes some time to get used to.

This is a very common problem that does not only apply to GoJo Hands Free. The same is also true with other phone accessories. Consumers complain that it is quite inconvenient to set it up. This is actually expected. It only takes practice. They can solve the problem by using the device as often as necessary.

  • The device comes in sets of two.

Some customers lose interest in buying the product because it comes with an extra piece. In fact, this is an advantage. Other people see it as an additional cost. They actually have a choice. They can give the other piece to someone as a gift. Otherwise, they can ask their friends to share the cost and get one for each of them.

  • It is not good to use with laptops and tablets.

One customer complained about using the device with laptops and tablets. Holding these devices close to the skin will actually cause burns. Another customer suggested that users should ensure that their laptops, tablets and mobile phones have a protective sheet. With this, they can ensure that their skin is protected even if it gets close to these devices.

The Bottom Line

GoJo Hands Free has greatly changed the way that hands-free devices are designed. It is relatively easy to use with no maintenance required. It truly provides a feeling that the phone will not slip. The suction cup is strong enough to hold even heavy gadgets like tablets and laptops.

Trendy Top Review

The Trendy Top promises to put an end to unwanted waist exposure. This is another style of layering that does not only protect women from showing off skin. It also helps reduce their bulges without compromising fashion. Trendy Top can hide rears and cover sides perfectly. Click here for the Trendy Top buy-one get-one free offer from the product makers.

The TV Commercial

The product’s TV commercial shows the common problems that women have with tees and shirts. Most women feel uncomfortable when their clothes go up if they reach for something above them. Their movement shows off their waist and bulges. The product is comparable to a camisole cover. The only difference is that it looks like a top.

The product comes in different colors and sizes. Consumers may choose colors like white, beige or black. Customers may purchase one black and one white Trendy Top, and they can get another set for only $10. However, they must pay separate shipping and handling for the second set. The commercial, recently featured on Tosh.0, can be seen here:

Product Features

  • Material

This product is made of a stretchable natural cotton blend fabric. Its stretchable feature provides comfort when the Trendy Top belly wrap is worn. The best thing about this fabric is that it can go back to its original size despite extensive stretching. Users can ensure that it remains on their body. Trendy Top will not slip off even after many uses. The fabric does not roll or fold when the wearer moves a lot. In fact, even those who have very active lifestyles do not have to worry about stretching. The fabric allows this product to stay in place for a long time.

  • Size

Anyone can take advantage of this fashionable and efficient accessory. It is a great addition to any outfit regardless of the wearer’s body size and shape. Small and medium sizes are available for women who wear sizes zero to eight. The large size is suitable for women who wear sizes 10 to 14. Women who wear sizes 16 to 20 should choose an extra-large. Women whose dress size is between the sizes available should go for a smaller size. This is because the fabric is expandable.
trendy top

Reasons to Buy Trendy Top

  • Shape the Waistline

It is quite difficult to hide love handles, and it is especially hard when wearing fashionable low-rise jeans. Women only have two choices. They can either work hard and exercise to lose weight or just hide them. The Trendy Top makes hiding bulges easy, natural and fashionable. It can help reduce bulges with its stretchable and squeezing feature. With this, the waistline appears leaner and more defined.

  • Cover the Skin

Trendy Top is a better idea than wearing a sleeveless tee to cover the skin around the waistline. It reduces tummy exposure as the product stays in place even when the person wearing it stretches up or down. It is more comfortable than wearing another layer.

  • Helps Avoid Underwear Exposure

Unintentional underwear exposure is a very common concern for women. It usually happens when they wear low rise jeans or short shirts. This situation makes them uncomfortable. This product can prevent it from happening. It perfectly covers the waist and the hips. There is no way for panties to peekaboo.

  • Additional Style

Sometimes, wearing just a plain shirt looks boring. Adding a little trendy splash makes outfits more exciting and colorful. Because this product comes in different colors, owners can mix and match. They can pair Trendy Tops with either plain or printed shirts.

  • Additional Protection for Cold Weather

The Trendy Top wrap is a great addition to winter clothes. The natural cotton blend fabric provides a warm, comfortable feeling. It is not only good for covering the body against exposure. It also adds warmth on cold days. Meanwhile, the fabric blends with the temperature during the summer season. It does not add to the summer heat.

Trendy Top Consumer Issues

Many users complain about the Trendy Top colors available. Some colors do not blend well with their outfits. However, the solution to this problem lies with the wearer. Trendy Tops come in neutral colors. The black can actually blend with both light and dark-colored shirts. Women should get all four colors available to make sure they have more options. Another option is to pair these products with a slightly longer top. With this, only a small part of the Trendy Top will be exposed. This is not really a problem with the product’s quality. Most women who have this product enjoy the benefits that the Trendy Top provides.

Other complaints are not really directed at the product itself. Consumers encounter problems with the ordering and delivery process. The best thing to do is to purchase the product from its official site. Some resellers rely on source availability. They often have to wait for new stock before they can provide customers with their orders. It is highly recommended that customers purchase the products as soon as possible. This is especially true during promo periods. With this, they will not only take advantage of stock availability. They will also enjoy promos and added perks when purchasing the item.

Some customers claim that the product cannot effectively help them warm up during cold days. One reviewer reiterated that the primary purpose of this item is for covering the skin from exposure and not to protect the body from cold. With this, it is advisable that women should only use this product to complement their winter clothes.

The Bottom Line

This product is indeed a great add-on to women’s outfits. With this, they should not be worried about revealing their skin and bulges. They do not have to pull their shirts down every time they reach for something. Layering does not go out of style as long as it matches the outfit.

With the Trendy Top, women can feel more comfortable and protected anywhere. They can pick things up with ease and confidence. Although this product does not guarantee sufficient warmth like a full shirt, it can help reduce the cold. In addition, the product comes with a money-back guarantee. Consumers can try it for 30 days. If they don’t like it, they can send it back and get a refund.