Slushy Magic Review

Slushy Magic is the newest product for kids and kid’s at heart. The magic works by freezing beverages. This turns them into slushies. The magic cubes do all the work. Slushy Magic is safe and definitely effective. With a few easy steps, everyone can enjoy the slushiness in every drink without too much effort and mess. Here is the limited-time buy one get one free deal straight from the product manufacturer.

As Seen on TV

The product’s commercial shows how easy it is to use this product. Slushy Magic comes with three magic cubes that need to be frozen. These cubes can be mixed with juice and other beverages. They will get turned into slushies, and they are ready to drink right away. The cubes can be used again by simply freezing them. Kids will be ready for their next refreshing drink quickly. Slushy Magic does not need a blender or real ice to make delicious slushies.

slushy magicFeatures

This product is packed with many features that kids really love. Parents do not have to worry about supervising their kids in preparing their favorite shakes. Kids do not have to use a blender, and there are no more messy kitchens or injuries.

In addition, the magic cubes are non-toxic. They are BPA-free. Parents do not have to worry about poisoning as Slushy Magic is specially formulated to be safe. The magic cube contents do not mix with the drink. The magic cubes are big enough that there is no risk of swallowing or choking. Slushy magic does not change the flavor of the drink. It comes in a complete set, and kids do not have to use other glasses that they might break.

Slushy Magic Complete Set

  • Magic cup
  • Reusable magic cubes
  • Magic Spoon straw
  • Magic guide

The Secret Behind Slushy Magic

This product is made from a safe formula that only changes the texture of the drink. It comes from an ingredient called slush powder that has the ability to turn liquid into its solid form. Sodium polyacrylate can absorb as much as 800 to 1000 times more than its weight. Slushy Magic cubes contain amazing water jelly crystals that can be frozen. The absorbent polymer inside the cubes lowers water temperatures to create delicious drinks.

Proper Way of Using Slushy Magic

The three magic cubes can be reused by simply refreezing them. In as fast as 10 minutes, these cubes can be frozen again. The magic process is explainable with science. The concept behind Slushy Magic is based on a chemical reaction. People who have problems with this product are usually using it in the wrong way.

Freeze the cubes before and after every use. You can see the whole process in this news report. The cubes will not turn the beverage into slush once they are defrosted. It is best to put them back in the freezer after every shake. They can usually be used again in about 10 minutes. However, it is best to freeze them until the cubes are completely hardened.

Shake faster and longer. Patience and effort is needed to come up with the best slushy. Some users give up trying after a few minutes. This is why they think the product does not really work. It is actually best to shake for two to four minutes. Shaking completes the process of turning the liquid into slush. More precise shaking makes a yummier slushy. Most importantly, kids and adults should have fun while shaking so that they won’t get tired and bored.

Slushy Magic does not work with alcoholic beverages. Users should take time reading the guide before tossing the magic cubes into their favorite drink. Alcohol does not react well with the formulated mixture inside the cubes. People who use Slushy Magic with alcoholic beverages should not expect to get the same slush consistency they would get with non-alcoholic beverages. It is usually best to use a blender to prepare drinks that contain alcohol.

Do not use Slushy Magic with carbonated drinks because they can explode. Even carbonated drinks that are in a bottle can explode when they are shaken and opened. Using Slushy Magic requires constant and hard shaking, and this is not suitable for beverages like colas. Many users have complained that the product can be messy. This may because they use Slushy Magic with the wrong beverage.

Two magic cubes are enough to come up with the best slushy texture. Users may add more cubes into their drink if desired.

The Pros and Cons of Slushy Magic


  1. There is no need to supervise kids as Slushy Magic is easy, safe and fun to use with no mess. This allows parents to sit and relax while their kids are busy preparing their slushies.
  2. The magic cubes are non-toxic, and they have no risk of being swallowed.
  3. The product does not change the taste of the beverage. This is because it does not mix with the drink contents. It only changes the texture and makes it cold.
  4. The product does not add calories to the drink. Health conscious people should not worry about their drinks getting more calories from the cubes. It is not possible. The cubes are packed in non-toxic plastic, and their contents do not mix with the drink.
  5. Users can purchase more magic cubes if they wish. The set comes with three cubes. With more cubes, people can make more slushies at once.
  6. It is more cost-effective than buying a slushy machine. The kit comes with two cups.


  1. The product does not work with alcoholic beverages. This product was primarily designed for kids and alcohol-free drinks. This is because alcohol has a lower freezing temperature than water. With this, it is impossible to turn it into slush.
  2. The product does not work with carbonated drinks. As mentioned, explosions may occur when these drinks are shaken.
  3. The magic cubes take some time to become fully frozen. Kids should wait a little bit longer until they can be used again. If a family has many kids, it is best that they purchase several Slushy Magic kits to accommodate all the kids at once.

Schticky Review

Schticky is among the newest cleaning tools available today. This product is designed to clean almost all kinds of surfaces. This is a roller cleaner that allows quick removal of lint, hair and dust. Gone are the days of paper-based lint rollers. This reusable roller provides convenience and economy with every use. Click here for the Schticky discount offer from the makers of the product.

The Schticky TV Commercial

The product commercial claims that Schticky can be used to clean up almost all sorts of messes. It can remove dirt on floors, carpets, sofas and clothes. It comes in different sizes, but they all share the same purpose. The commercial even shows that this cleaner roller can make small coins stick to it. There is no need to pick them up one by one. All it takes is to roll it over the mess. Schticky is washable, and it comes with a ten year guarantee.


schtickyThis product comes in a set of three. Each size can be used in many different applications. This new tool is designed using the same cleaning concept as paper-based cleaner rollers. The only difference is that it can be reused, and it can last for a long time. What makes this product an environmentally friendly cleaning tool is that it does not utilize paper from trees.

It is made with special silicone that becomes sticky when dry and slippery when wet. This feature allows dirt to stick to it. It can be rinsed with water, and it is good for use again. Users can save as much as $100 in a year using this cleaning tool instead of paper-based rollers. It effectively cleans different surfaces like fabric, velvet and wool.

Different Uses of Schticky

  • In the Kitchen

The kitchen is often the messiest part of the house. Spills on the floor, sink, table and counter tops are inevitable during food preparation. People often drop things like cereals, spices, crumbs, herbs and other ingredients. Wiping it with a cloth may make the situation worse. It can make dirt spread to other areas or fall onto the floor. Traditional cleaning takes a lot of time. Fortunately, messes can be removed in just a roll with this cleaner roller.

  • Pet Hair

Schticky is great for pet owners. Pet hair is difficult to remove once it sticks. This is especially true when it gets on fabric or textiles. With this roller cleaner, getting rid of pet hair only takes a few seconds. Pets love to roll on the floor, lie on the sofa and cuddle with their owners. Rolling gets rid of the pet hair regardless of the surface it gets on.

  • Carpets

It is quite difficult to clean the carpet. Owners usually only know that their carpets need cleaning when they start to sneeze frequently. With Schticky, homeowners no longer have to guess whether the carpet needs cleaning. Owners do not have to hire cleaning professionals. The big roller can easily clean carpets. It clears the way first and makes the debris stick to it. No matter what kind of carpet people have, these rollers can effectively clean it.

  • Clothes

Schticky comes with a portable sized cleaner. This can easily be carried anywhere all the time. It can efficiently remove food crumbs on clothes, hair, fibers and even embarrassing dandruff. It works just like the bigger rollers. Now, there is no need to change clothes all the time. With a few strokes, clothes look clean and new again.

Schticky Complaints and Solutions

schticky reviewAside from the various news outlets publishing comical stories about the commercial, like Perez Hilton and Business Insider, we also found some helpful reviews by searching around online.

Many reviews point out that the commercial shows that it takes about three seconds to rinse the tool. Some people find this unbelievable. Actually, there are some factors that affect the time it takes to rinse the roller. First is the kind of dirt that sticks to it. Certain kinds of dirt and debris can stick to the silicone, and it is a bit hard to wash it all away. When this happens, owners should use their hands to aid in cleaning the roller.

Another factor is the pressure of the water used to clean the roller. The stronger the pressure used, the faster it is to remove the dirt and debris that sticks to the tool. This is a very basic concept that all professional cleaning companies utilize. With higher water pressure, the silicone roller can be cleaned much more quickly.

One review said that this cleaning tool did not work on their third use and made their sofas wet. This problem is actually very easy to deal with. It is important to follow proper cleaning procedures to save stickiness. The product claims that it is slippery when wet and gets sticky when dry. This simply means that rinsing is the only way to clean it.

After rinsing with water, the silicone becomes wet and slippery. When it is wet, it cannot make dirt and lint stick to it. This means it has to be dried in order to be used again. By simply drying it with a clean towel, the stickiness feature will be as good as new. Users should try doing this before they start using the product again. They should bear in mind that the sticky feature only works when the silicone is dry.

Reasons to Buy Schticky

  • This product is more affordable than buying separate brooms, vacuum cleaners and paper-based rollers.
  • It is an environmentally friendly product. Because it is not paper-based, no trees are cut down when making this product. In addition, it is not disposable. This means that these products do not contribute to the worsening situation in landfills.
  • It can be used with different surfaces. All three tools in the set can be used in various applications. They are not only great for home use. They can also be carried along in the car. The smallest one will fit in a bag.
  • It helps save time and effort. Users do not have to use both a broom and a vacuum to clean a single mess.
  • It is economical and practical. Homeowners can use Schticky rather than hiring pros to clean messes on the carpet. This means more savings.

Trendy Top: As Seen on TV’s New Belly Hider

Who hasn’t seen this commercial by now? The Trendy Top Wrap is trending heavily lately, (pun intended). We’ll have a full review up soon, but in the mean time we thought we might poll the audience to hear what the general consensus is on this belly band ish undershirt.

Update: Here is our new Trendy Top review.

How has Trendy Top worked for you? Would you recommend it to a friend? Or, has the Trendy Top encouraged you to forget about ever wearing low rise jeans again?

In case you need a refresher, here’s the ad that’s been running on TV for the past few months.

Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below!